Ambrosia Releases 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Addiction and treatment centers have been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Now more than ever, it’s important for the good guys in the industry to commit to ethics and a greater cause. Ambrosia has released its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report recapping FY 2017 and planning for an even bigger impact this year.

Open the full report.

Highlights from FY 2017

  • Partnered with both Nova Southeastern and Rutgers Universities to measure outcomes.
  • Worked with politicians in Palm Beach County to shut down 40 bad players in FL.
  • Built HopeTracker, expected to support 500 families in 2018.
  • Held 143 family e-therapy sessions and 52 family support groups.
  • Contributed $150,000 in charitable donations to 26 groups including Stop Heroin Task Force and American Red Cross.
  • Awarded 62 treatment scholarships equaling 1,860 days of free treatment.
  • Pursued a contract with the V.A. to pilot a program for 50 veterans.
  • Hired 51% employees in recovery.

Jerry Haffey, CEO of Ambrosia Treatment Center
“What continues to drive the company forward is the goal of helping others. Beyond the impact we have on those struggling with drugs and alcohol, we strive to assist and support the community at large. After all, everyone is affected by the disease – parents, siblings, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Because the entire country has felt the destruction of substance abuse, I believe everyone must be part of the healing process.”


Ambrosia Treatment Center
Ambrosia Treatment Center has been raising industry standards for over 10 years and has treated over 10,000 clients at our rehabilitation facilities in Florida and California. Our focus is on quality care, family involvement and advancing addiction medicine. To learn more, visit AmbrosiaTC.com.

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