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Alumni Videos

Peter Tompkins

Peter battled addiction for over 20 years. In January 2018, he finally got (and stayed sober) after treatment at Ambrosia.

“My therapist really got down to the core of what my problem is. She’s given me tools to walk out that door today and be a sober man, and to stay a sober man.”

Joe Ashdale

Sober since 2013, Joe explains why living life his way wasn’t working, and how his time at Ambrosia helped him to finally take suggestions from others.

Lauren Schreck

After multiple trips in and out of treatment, Lauren explains what made this time different. Sober since 2011, Lauren now works at Ambrosia. The very facility that changed her life.

“I had to make it on my own and that’s the best thing my family has ever done for me.”

Michael Wasserman

Michael came to Ambrosia 5 years ago and has been sober ever since. He explains why self-acceptance is vital to his recovery. The tools he learned here still help him stay away from alcohol, one day at a time.

“I have the tools that Ambrosia gave me. I have the capability of sitting through the discomfort and knowing it’s going to get better.”

Erik Hurvitz

Erik explains how finally getting sober at Ambrosia in 2012 allowed him to become the person he wanted to be.

“My advice to you is not to hesitate. You don’t have to be this person anymore.”

Paschal Rigby

Paschal came to Ambrosia in 2014 and has been sober ever since, even though he was initially resistant to the recovery process.

“Today, life is good. I have a house to live in. I’m getting married soon. I’ve got my own car. I can pay my bills and have a little money in my pocket.”

Notable Partners

From prestigious university researchers to Hall-of-Fame football players — they could select any treatment center in the world to work with. They stand behind Ambrosia for a reason.


Wes Geer (of Korn)

Grammy-Winning Guitarist
Rock to Recovery Founder


Steven Kurtz

Ph.D., Substance Abuse
20 Years in the Field


Mance Buttram

Ph.D., Substance Abuse
Nova University Research


Jay Williams

Former NBA Player
ESPN Analyst


Stephanie Hallett

Health Journalist
Huffington Post


Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M University
Football Coach

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Review Questions

Every review on our site or on Google, Facebook,, etc. comes from real people that found real hope at Ambrosia.

You don’t have to take our word for it. There are hundreds of positive reviews on sites across the internet.

Quite simply, we’ve been in business for over 10 years, and we do good work. Our care goes well above the standards of insurance companies, state boards and our competitors. We don’t cut corners and we do what’s right for each person — no matter what.

Here’s an exact quote from this year’s DCF state inspection report:

“The organization has made it its goal to keep maintaining excellence in everything they do. Their clients are very satisfied with their clinical treatment and the therapists are always open to new suggestions to give their clients the best treatment. “

Here’s another quote from a letter written by State Attorney Dave Aronberg:

“Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for you dedicated and distinguished service, and for all you have done and continue to do to ensure that individuals with substance use disorder not only receive appropriate care but are protected from predators with the industry.”

Yes! These stories prove that you can get (and stay) sober! Even if you have tried other treatment facilities before, the hope you’re looking for is just one phone call away.


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