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Who We Are
America’s #1 Drug Alcohol Neuroscience Rehab Centers
Renowned history of addiction facilities:

  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
Why We’re Effective

Proven Methods
A safe environment that combines medical care, holistic healing and intense daily therapy is what works. While we constantly improve and test new options, our programs are fully guided by science.

Advanced Therapies
We include treatments like neuro-science for trauma, anti-craving medications and neurofeedback sessions that retrain your brain at the brainwave level to tackle the complex disease at every angle.

Neuroscience Dual Diagnosis
Issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar and trauma lead to self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Staying sober long-term is not possible unless underlying issues are properly diagnosed and treated. This concept is core to our program.

Top Experts
Because of our industry-leading reputation, we attract the country’s best addiction professionals. Then, we keep our staff-to-client ratios well-below the standard. If you’ve sought treatment before, you know how critical it is to get individualized attention from people that actually care.

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“By learning self-love and how to care for ourselves on a daily basis, we can confront our disease and start living meaningful, special lives.”

Sean Duane
Director Clinical Services

Gallery – S. Florida Top Treatment Centers

Ambrosia Treatment Center’s South Florida locations offer cutting edge addiction treatment that advances patient safety. With over ten thousand success stories, Ambrosia specialists have crafted effective medically supervised drug detox plus inpatient residential drug treatment programs. We work to provide best in class medically monitored detox and dual-diagnosis alcohol along with drug abuse treatment that really works. Our methods are based on science and designed by addiction specialists with decades of cumulative hands-on experience helping those who struggle with addiction

5-Star Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

Our Florida treatment centers provide an oasis away from addiction triggers in a serene coastal community.

Ambrosia’s Florida inpatient rehab housing includes amenities such as a pool, lounge area, lush grounds and much more.

COVID-19 Testing & Safety Measures Instituted

As a result of the stressful challenges posed by the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic we recognize that the demands for mental health and addiction recovery treatment is greater than ever. That’s why Ambrosia continues to serve all those facing addiction relapse triggers while taking safety precautions to better protect clients and staff. We’re proud to offer COVID-19 testing to clients. Moreover, Ambrosia’s multi-disciplinary team is tuning in to local, state and federal authorities for the latest safety recommendations. That’s how Ambrosia is able to make vital enhancements to our safety protocols as we receive guidance, information and updates from the CDC, the Health Department, our in-house medical specialists and local health officials. Click here to read our full statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic Testing and safety measures we’ve enacted for your protection.

Here’s proof we know what we’re doing.

A 12-Year Track Record
We’ve built quite the reputation over the last decade, known throughout the country for quality care.

Accredited by Joint Commission
The gold seal is the highest standard in healthcare, earned by only 10% of addiction treatment facilities.

Partnered with University Researchers
The most prestigious researchers in the field work with us to monitor our care and advance the science of addiction medicine.

10K+ Success Stories
We’ve helped thousands of people just like you, many of whom post reviews you can read directly.

Best in class Drug & Alcohol Rehab Detox Centers
Neuroscience based dual diagnosis trauma drug & alcohol rehab: West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Singer Island & Philadelphia

Dual Diagnosis – A Comprehensive Guide

The term dual diagnosis refers to having both a mental health disorder, as well as a chemical dependency problem.

A person who has a dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) has two separate illnesses, and each needs it owns treatment plan.

When either illness goes untreated, one illness will make the other worse.
One out of three persons with a psychiatric disorder has abused drugs
When both are given proper medical attention and care, the chances for a lasting recovery are greatly improved, and it is easier to return to a full and productive life.

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For your part, we ask for understanding with our rules and processes. Know that we always have the best interest of your loved one in mind. We also hope that you remain actively engaged in their treatment by signing up for HopeTracker, scheduling your e-therapy and attending family weekend.

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