Early Childhood Adversity and Trauma

Children can be extremely affected by events that happen during early childhood. Early childhood adversity and trauma can lead to some pretty devastating consequences. When a child goes through a household breaking up due to separation or divorce, it can be confusing. They can think it is their fault, or develop behavioral or developmental problems. […]

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What Is Secondary Trauma?

It’s important to understand what secondary trauma means before we dive into the science behind it. Secondary trauma happens because our brains do not know how to process traumatic events. It’s not uncommon for people to feel guilty after witnessing someone else’s trauma. For example, if you see someone being attacked, you might feel angry

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Benefits of EMDR for PTSD

EMDR for PTSD has served as one of the most effective forms of therapeutic intervention for individuals grappling with the lasting effects of trauma. Today, approximately 70% of the United States population (223.4 million people) have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. While not everyone who goes through trauma ends up developing

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