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Here at Ambrosia Behavioral Health, we offer various therapy programs to help those who are struggling with behavioral health challenges. We understand how the effects of mental health and substance use disorders impact people. Behavioral health challenges can affect every aspect of a person’s life in unhealthy ways. But, we are here to assist those who are in need of support and encouragement.

Our Behavioral Health Therapy Services

For our adult clients, we offer neurofeedback and gene-site testing. Our patients can also benefit from our peer support, family counseling, and psychodrama services. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is also an effective, evidence-based approach to behavioral health treatment.

How Therapy Can Help You

In some cases, individuals who are suffering from behavioral health concerns are unsure how to address their needs. Finding comprehensive and compassionate assistance can prove difficult. While many facilities offer specialized mental health and substance use disorder treatment, providing individualized care isn’t always the top priority for some of these treatment centers. Fortunately, this is not the case here at Ambrosia.

Our facilities offer individualized treatment approaches for each of our patients. We take into account the differences and unique needs of every person who comes to us for help. Our mission is to provide a safe, understanding, and inspiring environment for individuals who are working to overcome their behavioral health struggles.

This is why we offer therapeutic services that address the needs of those in recovery. Counseling offers a multitude of benefits, including the following:

Therapy offers a safe space where people can discuss their challenges, discover their triggers, address past trauma, and more. It can be hard to open up and be vulnerable, especially for those who are struggling with mental and behavioral health problems. But, therapy sessions create an opportunity for people who are working through the effects of these issues.

When it comes to recovery services, it’s important to note that treatment should entail more than just detoxification and abstinence from substance use or mental health triggers. Treatment should also address the specific and unique journeys of those in recovery.

Counseling provides a way for treatment specialists to offer an individualized approach to treatment. With the help of therapy, individuals in recovery can gain insight into the causes of behavioral health problems in their lives and how to deal with these issues.

Therapy can help people to recover from behavioral health challenges and remain free from these struggles. Counseling can equip individuals with relapse prevention techniques, life skills, and other resources that will help them stay on track even after treatment is over.

If you are searching for treatment services for yourself or a loved one, look no further than our South Florida treatment facilities. We are here to help our clients build the healthy lives they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our locations and services.

Behavioral Health Therapy Services

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