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Ambrosia Treatment Center around the South Florida area offers individualized treatment to help people overcome both addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We proudly provide West Palm Beach rehab programs with a wide range of benefits. These can help a person reclaim their freedom from dependency if they need detox.

Our multi-disciplinary staff evaluates and assesses our patients individually once they’re admitted. Here, our staff determines the best treatment that can help a person overcome their substance abuse and mental health disorders. Next, after completing the evaluation phase, clients will begin to construct their treatment plan.

By undergoing this process, a client’s specific needs can be met and any concerns can be addressed. The programs we offer help with a number of different issues. Additionally, our rehabilitation programs vary in levels of care and intensity. We are here to suit each client’s needs, whether they are new to recovery or continuing in their journey. No matter where a person is in their recovery, Ambrosia Treatment Center near the South Florida area can help them live a life of hope and purpose.

Trauma Programming

According to National Library of Medicine, one of the leading causes of addiction and substance use disorder is unresolved trauma. Despite this, at Ambrosia, we help individuals process simple and acute, chronic, and complex trauma.

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Healthcare Professionals Programming

Caring for other people is not just a job, it is a calling. Unlike other some other types of work, healthcare is a profession that demands a great deal from those who enter into the field.

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Family Programming

When a person goes into treatment, their family can benefit from understanding their roles in the initial addiction, including codependency and enabling.

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Holistic Treatment

Holistic care embraces medical and mental heath treatment options. They are not pharmaceutical, surgical, or conventional. West Palm Beach rehab programs offer several avenues of treatment.

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Neurofeedback helps assist in treating neurological damage in the brain without the use of medication. This is of the most unique forms of treatment in our West Palm Beach rehab programs.

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Peer Support

Those who offer peer support for addiction recovery are people who have endured addiction and understand its challenges. Having peer support on your recovery journey can make a huge difference.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a method of treating substance use disorders that combines medication and talk therapy.

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Addiction Interventionists

We know how difficult it is overcome the hardships of addiction alone. At Ambrosia, our certified Addiction Interventionists are dedicated to your overall wellbeing, and supporting you on your road to recovery.

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GeneSight Testing

GeneSight Testing is an innovative treatment strategy that assesses the way one’s genes will influence the response to certain medications.

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The road to recovery can feel intimidating at times. Additionally, it can be difficult to know where to begin. For this reason, we at Ambrosia Treatment Centers offer a plethora of treatment plans and modalities in order to best meet the patient’s needs.

By seeking out the root causes of addiction and treating them accordingly, we have the tools necessary to help you reclaim your independence from addiction. We offer rehab programs in West Palm Beach, Florida tailored to our clients most essential needs in order to provide the best outcomes possible. Through our vast resources, wealth of program options, and passionate staff, we are proud to offer a lasting path to wellness to those who need it most.

Contact our admissions page today, and take the first steps in your recovery journey.


  • Mother's Testimonial, Getting Help From Ambrosia's Hotline For Drug Abuse

    From the very first phone call to find out more about Ambrosia, until the day I picked my loved one up, this place was always sincere and genuine in their caring and had a real understanding of everything that was going on. The change in my son was obvious right away.

    Marry L.
  • Review of Rehab From Kyle D.

    This place saved me! As rough as rehab can be, these people made it 10x easier because they actually care. From the therapists to the discharge coordinators they really made me feel like I was in good, loving hands. I came far from home and took every bit of help that was offered and I now truly enjoy the beauty of living life sober. I’m nothing but grateful that I came here. 

    Kyle D.
  • Overall, I liked Ambrosia and what it did for me. It allowed me to look at the reasons behind my problem with addiction and address those issues. The staff is friendly and the therapists are top notch. Without this program, I would not have the hope that I have today. 

    Mathew H.
  • Ambrosia is not your average rehab. It helped me establish necessary life skills, enhance my understanding of the disease of addiction and the 12 Steps, and helped me to improve my thinking, actions, and my overall life. Great program. My experience was amazing.

    Alexandra M.
  • Ambrosia is a great treatment facility and focuses on core problems other than addiction.

    Thomas Z.
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable in the areas I needed help in. Kind and caring staff who takes their time to talk to you when needed.

    Bill S.
  • Louis Talks About Avoiding Relapse

    This is a much different type of rehab from what my experiences were in from up north. This was a perfect transition in treatment before going to my first halfway house. The groups were good. Outside and inside meetings were extremely beneficial. Small group was good. I loved the personalized treatment plan per client.

    Louis C.
  • Ambrosia helped me more than anywhere else ever has. The houses are so nice. I really enjoyed the leisure time I had. It made me realize there is a lot of fun to have while in recovery. My counselor was the best counselor ever. Groups were awesome. I didn’t hesitate to get involved in any of them. This is a really awesome place. Everyone was really nice and welcoming, right down to the techs.

    Heather R.
  • My experience at Ambrosia was great. I got a lot of insight into addiction. Also, what I need to stay away from in order to maintain abstinence. I learned to speak up more about how I feel. I learned that I must start the 12 steps when I leave in order to maintain abstinence and to be clean. I would definitely refer addicts to this treatment center. My stay was successful and helped a lot.

    Larissa W.
  • Ambrosia is the best treatment center I have ever been to. I learned a lot about my addiction and myself through my stay there. I was able to open up and talk about things I thought I would never be able to. Ambrosia saved my life.

    Shelby K.

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