June 2022

What is Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse can be devastating. Research indicates it is a factor in our nation’s soaring overdose rate. It can harm people of all ages and genders. And the problem may be getting worse. However, in order to prevent further destruction, we must first understand the challenge. In other words, we need to answer the question, […]

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What Are The Signs Of Methamphetamine Addiction?

If someone that you care about was struggling with methamphetamine addiction, would you know how to help? Would you even be able to recognize that they had a problem? Methamphetamine addiction continues to have a devastating effect on communities throughout the United States. Therefore, getting the facts about this substance use disorder is an important

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Can Neurofeedback Treat Addiction?

Neurofeedback has been used as a brain-training technique since the 1960s. Through the decades, it has helped treat people struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and a host of additional mental health concerns. Experts have also used neurofeedback in addiction treatment. When incorporated into a comprehensive plan for addiction treatment, neurofeedback can help people establish

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How Does MAT For Alcohol Use Disorder Work?

MAT for alcohol use disorder is an evidence-based treatment that helps people recover from alcoholism. People who take part in MAT for alcohol use disorder receive prescription medications to help them end their alcohol use. They also participate in therapy sessions to develop the skills that will help them resist relapse and remain in recovery. What

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