October 2021

Treatment Options for Dual Diagnosis Symptoms

Dual diagnosis symptoms can be challenging to manage without effective treatment options. You or a loved one might have a substance or alcohol use disorder along with mental illness. Often, those with an alcohol or substance use disorder are self-medicating for an underlying mental health disorder. Additionally, prolonged misuse or abuse of alcohol and drugs […]

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Benefits of EMDR for PTSD

EMDR for PTSD has served as one of the most effective forms of therapeutic intervention for individuals grappling with the lasting effects of trauma. Today, approximately 70% of the United States population (223.4 million people) have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. While not everyone who goes through trauma ends up developing

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Bipolar Depression vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Approximately 2.3 million Americans are currently diagnosed with bipolar depression, which is one of the most common depressive disorders in the world. On top of that, roughly 1.4% of the population experiences borderline personality disorder, another mental illness that impacts mood. These two particular mental illnesses are often compared to each other and sometimes even

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Understanding Neuroscience Of Addiction

Understanding the neuroscience of addiction can help you understand the nature of your disease. While some believe that alcohol or drug addiction are character flaws or due to a lack of morals, neuroscience says otherwise. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be treated, and you can recover from this disease. Addiction Is A Chronic Disease

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What is Adderall Paranoia?

Adderall is a combination of both dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. People use this prescription medication to treat ADHD. Additionally, those who suffer from narcolepsy also take Adderall. However, people mostly use it for treating the symptoms of ADHD. This medication is easily one of the most well-known prescription drugs in the world. As such professionals prescribe

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