January 2021

Panic Disorder

A panic disorder is characterized by panic attacks that are sudden episodes of overwhelming dread and anxiety that trigger severe physical reactions, despite there being no imminent danger. It can feel like losing control or having a heart attack. Many people may experience a panic attack in their lifetime — especially during stressful or emotionally […]

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Mirtazapine Addiction Treatment That Works

Mirtazapine Addiction Treatment Center Near You Mirtazapine, a prescription antidepressant, is considered a relatively non-addictive way to treat and manage major depressive episodes. However, as with any drug, there is a certain possibility for abuse. If you are struggling with addiction to Mirtazapine or some other prescription medication we recommend reaching out to an addiction

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Medical Professionals Addiction Rehab

Doctors, Physician Assistants & Nurses Addiction Rehab Ambrosia Treatment Center offers private customized medical professionals evidence-based addiction programs focused on mental health & substance abuse treatment.  We know how to help medical professionals recover their professional and personal lives.  Ambrosia offers world-class treatment modalities with: 5-Star facilities w/ Amenities & Pool Hotel-like rooms with ensuite bathroom

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Best Drug Rehab Center in Port St. Lucie Award

Ambrosia Treatment Center Awarded ‘Best Drug Rehab’ We’re honored to be recognized for our outstanding and unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of drug and alcohol addiction care.  Our addiction rehabilitation facilities have passed all of the criteria and any related safety and health standards evaluated by Expertise, an independent addiction center evaluation service

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