The Academy at Ambrosia

A top-tier treatment center specializing in teenage mental health and substance abuse, was established with the goal of delivering premier care and therapy for mental health challenges, substance misuse, eating disorders, and trauma.

The Academy

We are a team of various professionals who have spent years managing intricate mental health disorders. Through the application of proven scientific treatment approaches, we aim to educate, enlighten, and induce positive change for all our patients. Each member of our team plays a unique role in our patients’ growth and recovery, ensuring that every aspect of their mental health is comprehensively addressed. Our ultimate mission is to facilitate healing, empowering individuals to thrive as successful future members of society.


Every student will be given a personalized educational plan, developed in partnership with their respective schools. Our on-site licensed teacher offers daily tutoring and support to guarantee academic success during treatment. Addressing school refusal is a key part of our approach, and we provide ample support to help students transition back to their school environment successfully.

PTSD & Trauma

Treatment Plan

An individually tailored treatment process starts with identifying underlying factors contributing to the Teen Depression, Teen Anxiety, Teen Trauma, Eating disorder, Substance Abuse and Suicidal Ideation.

Changing Old Behaviors

Therapeutic Programming

At NIA, we prioritize personalization in our treatment approach, tailoring it based on individual assessments. We leverage group therapeutic programming that incorporates trauma-informed CBT, DBT, ACT, ERP, among others, to cater to the unique needs of each patient



At NIA, we are committed to offering gender affirmative care. Our ongoing efforts are aimed at fostering treatment settings that are inclusive and supportive, enabling patients of diverse gender identities to feel embraced and empowered throughout their recovery journey.


Support After

Upon completion of treatment, aftercare becomes a critical cornerstone for sustained recovery. Our alumni program empowers former patients to maintain connectivity, garner support, and concentrate on realizing their recovery objectives.

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The Academy at Ambrosia is a pivotal resource

in addressing the unique developmental and health needs of adolescents. This critical stage of development, marked by rapid physical, emotional, and social changes, often gives rise to various health issues and behavioral problems, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and self-harm tendencies.

At The Academy at Ambrosia

we understand these complex needs and provide a comprehensive approach to adolescent health care that goes beyond just physical health. Our focus encompasses mental, emotional, and social well-being, acknowledging that habits formed during adolescence can significantly impact adult health.

The Academy at Ambrosia

Our approach includes behavior therapy

an essential tool in helping teens manage their emotions and behaviors more effectively. Utilizing techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), we equip our adolescents with the skills they need to handle stress, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance their self-esteem. These therapies serve to prevent the escalation of mental health issues and promote healthier coping mechanisms.

The early intervention provided by The Academy at Ambrosia through adolescent medicine and behavior therapy can lead to better outcomes in adulthood. Our goal is to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve mental health, and foster positive lifestyle habits. We believe in shaping the future health of individuals and society at large, and this is reflected in our commitment to holistic adolescent care.

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