Reputable news outlets like NBC, CBS and ABC turn to Ambrosia Treatment Center’s addiction rehabilitation experts when they are covering substance abuse stories.  That’s because Ambrosia’s inpatient drug treatment centers are staffed with top addiction specialist from doctors, therapists to support staff.  Ambrosia is nationally known  in the industry for it’s evidence-based inpatient addiction treatment.  Please share these videos to help us combat the stigma of addiction and drug treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers News Reports

CBS / ABC / NBC News Reports

CBS 12 (WPEC): Huffing Air Duster Causes Fatal Car Crash

ABC 25 (WPBF): Addiction Expert Explains Relapse Following Demi Lovato Overdose

CBS 12 (WPEC): FDA Warns of Synthetic Cannabis Laced with Rat Poison

ABC 25 (WPBF): State of Addiction Update

CBS 12 (WPEC): HopeTracker

CBS 12 (WPEC): Possible Drug-Fueled Murder

CBS 12 (WPEC): Sober Home Task Force

NBC 5 (WPTV): Fighting the Opioid Crisis

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NewsMax / Fox / NBC / ABC / Sirius News Reports

NBC 5 (WPTV): Getting Help

NBC 5 (WPTV): Drug Task Force

ABC 25 (WPBF): Treatment Center Checklist

ABC 25 (WPBF): State of Addiction

Newsmax: Troop-a-thon

Newsmax: America Talks Live

Fox 29 (WWOR-TV): Chasing News

Sirius Radio: Convino & Rich with Cris Carter

ABC 25 (WPBF): Shooting on I 95

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