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One of the things we do at Ambrosia Treatment Center is to ensure that those who complete any one of our addiction rehab programs are connected and supported in the Ambrosia recovery community and beyond for life.

When clients complete treatment, they enter a new chapter of their recovery; and being around those in recovery can be both inspiring and encouraging. Lasting relationships can be formed in treatment, and reuniting with friends in a supportive warm community is one of the goals of Ambrosia’s Community and Peer Support Program.

The Community Support Team is committed to enabling clients to remain engaged with us and with our sober community, and in partnership with the larger local recovery community. This is a great way to avoid relapse and associate with others who can motivate you during the fragile time of early recovery. The Ambrosia family will always support your recovery journey. We are here to help counsel you and your family members through difficult times.

Below are pictures from our most recent baseball event our Community Support Department at Ambrosia Hosted in Sunny South Florida! Everyone that attended had loads of fun and can not wait for the next event.

Photos include – Team Ambrosia in the championship game, 12/5/2020,  Recovery community members hanging out enjoying food under the pavilion, Team foundations wellness center, Team stretching before the game,  Ben Geigus and Joe Mahan taking a group pic with the champions of the tournament, Championship trophy, MVP trophy, and bracket for game, Team Ambrosia in the Dugout, Team just believing in playing team Ambrosia ball in the second game, Jerry Nave and Joe Mahan laughing having a great time at the event.

Benefits of Ambrosia Community and Peer Support Program

Our Community Support Department is comprised of people who have been through addiction recovery themselves and who have remained sober after completing their own treatment programs. Being back in the everyday hustle and bustle can be a challenge, particularly for people recovering from addiction. Ambrosia’s Community and Peer Support Program encourages its clients to live successfully after treatment by setting an example for others to follow.

Ambrosia Treatment Center believes that fun enhances the therapeutic approach. The program uses meetings to encourage patients to grow their businesses, take on new opportunities, and stay healthy in the process.

We invite our Alumni to monthly social gatherings as a chance to socialize outside the Some of the monthly activities we organize for our alumni association are:

  • Baseball
  • Snorkeling
  • Barbecues
  • Bowling
  • Volleyball
  • Kickball
  • Holiday Themed Fun
  • Much More…

Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires lifetime monitoring and continued support. After treating addiction, the recovery process continues.  Clients find happiness and health when surrounded by supportive influences. The Ambrosia Community and Peer Support Program provide so many individuals with strong connections with fun activities building friendships helping each other stay on track in sobriety.  Among the most effective things, one can do is surround themselves with people who are motivated to change their lifestyle and stay on course.  Engaging in sober activities and forming positive relationships can enhance and help clients achieve long-term recovery goals by joining Ambrosia’s sober community activities.

At Ambrosia Treatment Center, we believe it’s important to connect with others that will help steer your journey to recovery.  Of course, staying busy with fun community acitivities in a relaxed setting can be both ideal and even healing.  Approaching each day practicing relapse prevention techniques to maintain sobriety in local baseball games can perhaps go a long way.  We know our community of your peers can help support your recovery and help you avoid temptation, stay focused, maintain sobriety even through difficult times.

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For more information on the treatment programs and therapies we offer, contact one of our many drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout South Florida today. We can help you truly recover and get on the right path to recovery. It’s never too late to take control of your addiction. Our supportive and compassionate team of addiction specialists can help guide you through the recovery journey. Contact us today to learn more.
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