Ambrosia Announces Groundbreaking MAT Study

In partnership with Nova Southeastern University, Ambrosia will conduct a study on Gabapentin, a controversial medication used in addiction treatment.

For the first time, a groundbreaking new study is going to be conducted at a national treatment center. Ambrosia Treatment Center announced this month that they have been selected by Nova Southeastern University to participate in a cutting-edge drug study about the long-term effects of Gabapentin. Gabapentin, a drug for nerve pain, is administered by treatment centers across the nation to help clients suffering from the uncomfortable side effects of alcohol and cocaine withdrawal. If taken incorrectly, Gabapentin can be abused and hinder the recovery process. The study will be the first of its kind to see if the drug itself can be addictive.

“Gabapentin is a controlled substance, and we need to learn more about this drug so it can continue to be used positively and correctly for the future of our client’s long-term success,” says Ambrosia Treatment Center founder Jerry Haffey Sr. “We have never opened our doors to a study of this magnitude, but we believe the findings will help us and treatment centers across the country better understand this drug and continue to help clients recover from addiction properly.”

Nova Southeastern University will select 100 clients from Ambrosia Treatment Center’s three rehabs in Florida throughout the course of the year-long study to gain more insight on the effects of Gabapentin.


Ambrosia Treatment Center
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