What Does it Mean to be “Sober Curious”?

Sobriety can be a beneficial lifestyle to live for many reasons. Its benefits have led to the sober curious movement known that has been sweeping the nation. But how can getting sober benefit you in the long run? What does it mean to be “sober curious”? Those who have wondered what it would be like to get sober, and want to live a life completely free of alcohol consumption are sober curious. 

Having questioned the impact it would have on your life, or loved ones and health means being sober-curious. If you’ve decided to cut back on your alcohol intake to practice moderation with sobriety in mind, you’re sober-curious. Understanding these benefits can help you to decide to give up drinking to better your life. Additionally, it can inform you of the options available to help you through the process.

What is Sober-Curious?

The World Health Organization’s statistics on alcohol-related deaths in 2018 are staggering. Approximately 5% of deaths worldwide could be linked to alcohol in some way, shape, or form. When it comes to losing a loved one, alcohol should never be a linked cause. Being sober-curious means that you question your relationship with alcohol, and how it would benefit you to give it up for any amount of time. 

These questions will help you decide whether or not a sober lifestyle is right for you: 

  • How often do you go out for a drink after work? 
  • How many drinks do you have? 
  • Do you go overboard? 
  • Does going overboard impact your life negatively? 

Being sober-curious doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic, it means you are considering a healthier lifestyle.

When Did Sober Curiosity Become Popular?

Ruby Warrington published the book Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol in 2018, in which she recounts her experience with quitting alcohol to see the impacts that doing so would have on her life. Since then, voluntarily giving up alcohol for any amount of time has become increasingly more popular. You may have heard of “Dry January” or “Sober October.” This set amount of time without using alcohol can be an experiment in seeing the true impacts of alcohol on your mental health and daily life, and reflecting on the relationship you have with alcohol.

Benefits of Sobriety

Sober-curious can often mean you wonder about the benefits of sobriety. These benefits can be far-reaching and make life simpler, and easier to manage. Without the hindrances of drinking moderately to excessively, you can probably find yourself being more productive and present in the lives of those around you as well as your own.

Some other benefits of sobriety can include things like weight loss, clearer, healthier skin, lowered blood pressure, better sleep, and an increase in energy levels. The more time that has passed since the last time you picked up a drink, you may also notice other positive impacts of sobriety. What it means to be sober-curious in this perspective is finding a newfound level of happiness and confidence that you haven’t experienced before. Sobriety can be the best decision you can make for yourself.

Reasons to Get Sober

What it means to be sober-curious is questioning the reasons you drink. Whether you go way overboard and cause damage physically or emotionally, or you just don’t like the impacts alcohol has on your life. Regardless of the reasons for your sober curiosity, there are many reasons why you should get detox for alcohol abuse.


While it’s normal to drink socially, and feel “more fun” when doing so, how often do you find yourself building deep, meaningful relationships when you are basing those relationships around alcohol consumption? Being sober-curious means that you could potentially build deeper connections with those around you by giving up alcohol. Without the barriers of alcohol, and potential amnesia of conversations and connections you may have made after a night of drinking, you can enjoy being present, making new friends, and building new relationships.


Many people often decide to begin a sober lifestyle for its health benefits. Alcohol can take a toll on the body (to say nothing of alcoholism), and removing it can help to build up a positive and healthy lifestyle that you may desire to have. Weight loss can occur when you give up alcohol because of reduced sugar consumption. The liver can produce higher levels of antioxidants when it isn’t filtering out the toxins produced by alcohol. The health benefits are endless.

Get The Sobriety You Deserve in South Florida

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