Kelsey Cianciulli

Kelsey has been with Ambrosia Treatment Center 8 years establishing a remarkable and successful career as the Director of Admissions. Being passionate about offering substance abuse help, she began to climb her way up the corporate ladder by nurturing her connection with those suffering from substance abuse dependency. Since starting to work at Ambrosia in 2013, she has honed her communication and management skills to provide attentive assistance to clients and their families suffering from the illness of addiction. She is passionate, compassionate, and hospitable to clients, alumni, families and team members she deals with.

Kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive customer service experience.”


Bachelors in Social Work — Palm Beach State College, Florida


Management, Healthcare and Client Relationships

Years in the Field

9 years

Personal Journey

Kelsey became Director of Admissions at Ambrosia Treatment Center over a three-year course of progressing through the ranks in the admissions department. Before taking the title of Admissions Coordinator and then Admissions Supervisor, Kelsey worked in the substance abuse field for about two years. Having gained direct experience within the recovery community by working as a resident manager at a South Florida sober living organization prior to working at Ambrosia Treatment Center.

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