Addiction Gets PoliticalA Fight for Quality Treatment

Across the country, addiction is now in our neighborhoods and quality treatment is under attack.

For the last two years, Ambrosia has worked with politicians to bring attention and action to the opioid epidemic and to expose bad players in the industry across the country — even invited to attend Trump’s inauguration. Despite that, politicians and mainstream media have recently been using sensationalized messaging.

That truth is, Florida is leading the U.S. in setting industry standards. The state is home to some of the best addiction treatment in the world. Ambrosia Treatment Center has helped over 10,000 clients, reunited families and saved lives. There are 174 other residential providers in the state. The overwhelming majority are doing excellent work, operating well above ethical standards.

With drug overdose deaths on the rise across the U.S. – lead by California, Ohio and Pennsylvania (not Florida) – quality treatment providers are needed now more than ever. Making people hesitant about treatment is dangerous. Treatment exists to save lives and stop the raging epidemic. Long-term recovery is five times more likely with residential treatment. That’s a fact worth reporting on.

Every single day hundreds of people leave drug rehab centers in Florida and start a new, fulfilling life in recovery.

If someone you love needs help, call [AMB_MAIN_PHONE] now.

Addiction is a life-threanting disease. Find out about quality treatment options.

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