Is GeneSight Testing for Medications Effective?

Searching for the right medication, or combination of medications, that can help alleviate symptoms of mental health conditions can get frustrating. GeneSight testing has made that process a bit smoother for some. To add, GeneSight testing ensures patients take the right medications, with the awareness of how it may impact them.

Being able to do one simple test and get answers on which medication makes everything easier. It will help a given individual takes the frustration of trial and error out of the equation. This can make positive movement for those struggling with mental health more attainable.

What is GeneSight Genetic Testing?

The trial-and-error process when finding proper medication to treat mental health conditions can be extremely discouraging. Moreover, people often feel like they will never find relief. For some, the medications and combinations of medications seemingly do no good, or only work for short periods of time. Fortunately, GeneSight testing takes some of the guesswork out of this process. 

The way medications tend to metabolize in the body can make an impact on the success of these medications. This test can shed some light on how certain medications will metabolize. It can also, in turn, can shed light on whether it will have a positive impact on an individual’s mental health conditions.

Medical professionals performing GeneSight testing in an office will swab the inside of the cheek to collect saliva. Then, if it is an at-home test, an individual will do the same. Swab inside each cheek, secure the swab and send it back for testing. The test can identify how certain antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anxiety medications, hypnotics, and antipsychotics will break down in the body. It can also reveal how the medications affect someone taking them. 

History of GeneSight Testing

Pharmacogenomics was born as a result of genome sequencing. This is the process of studying genes and how they affect medications. Genome sequencing was first successfully completed in 2008 by James Watson and Craig Venter. They successfully had their own genomes decoded. Since then, there have been many studies that are still ongoing on this topic.

Nearly 50% of people taking antidepressants have positive and long-term results from the first medication they try. So using GeneSight testing could make this process easier and smoother for those needing medications. Boasting a 99.8% success rate across all races, GeneSight has proven to be able to identify the medications best suited for a person with a simple mouth swab.

Does GeneSight Testing Work for Mental Health?

Because of the number of successful first attempts with medications, GeneSight testing can take a look into what the body will do once the medication enters, and be able to predict how the person would respond. The genetic markers associated with medications are able to tell medical professionals how these specific drugs will affect the person taking it.

The success rate of mental health medications for conditions such as depression and anxiety can be identified using this testing process. GeneSight testing is used to help those with mental health concerns find the best fit for them as far as medications go.

What Medications Does It Test For?

GeneSight testing currently tests 57 medications and identifies 12 genes. The breakdown of these medications and how they may affect someone is broken down into 3 categories. They include use as directed (green), moderate interaction (yellow), and significant interaction (red). This helps to determine which medications would be most effective for someone who is looking to find the best-suited psychotropic medication for themselves. 

GeneSight Testing and Genetics

DNA is a unique marker for every person. Genes are a part of DNA. Hence, if a person’s DNA and genes are individual to them, the way any given medication will interact with these genes is also unique. At Ambrosia, we offer GeneSight testing to our clients in an effort to provide them with the best start possible, prior to them leaving our care.

GeneSight allows for mental health professionals to get a clear view and understanding on an individual’s body will break down the medications and then how the genes will interact with them. This form of testing is beneficial for those seeking mental health help as it cuts out the potentially years-long process of trial and error.

Being able to identify what medicine would be most effective gives them security in knowing it’s a good match for them. Additionally, it provides a positive place for our clients to start making it so we can provide the best-individualized care possible.

Find GeneSight Testing at Ambrosia

Mental health conditions and their symptoms can be extremely discouraging and it can feel like it’s a never-ending cycle. GeneSight testing can be helpful in taking out some of the frustration that is a part of the management process.

At Ambrosia, we offer this form of testing so that we can better serve the clients under our care. If you or a loved one struggle with mental health conditions, there is help. Our team of professionals is standing by to help as you embark on a journey to a more positive mental health state.

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