Internet Addiction

The internet provides a constant, ever-changing source of information and entertainment accessible from most technological devices. No matter which modem is used, the compulsivity to actively engage with the internet has become a growing problem in most modern households.

Internet addiction disorder covers a variety of impulse-control problems, including:

  • Cybersex Addiction – compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms or adult fantasy role-play sites
  • Cyber-Relationship Addiction – compulsive use of social media sites, chat rooms, and texting
  • Net Compulsions – compulsively playing online games, gambling or stock trading
  • Information Overload – compulsive web surfing or database searching
  • Computer Addiction – compulsively playing offline computer games

The availability of Internet gambling has made gambling addiction far more serious of a problem in the 21st century. Instead of tracking your loved one down at local casinos, it’s just as simple of logging onto online casinos in your home. Compulsive internet users tend to isolate themselves for many hours, and often their mood changes over a period with or without the internet.

As with drug and alcohol addiction, many people use the internet to manage unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, anxiety and loneliness. The internet is used as an escape from reality since the internet can temporarily replace those overwhelming feelings with comfort and relief.


Risk Factors


You are at greater risk of Internet addiction if:

  • You have any other addictions
  • You suffer from anxiety
  • You are depressed
  • You lack social support
  • You are less socially active than you once were


How do I know if I’m addicted to the Internet?


Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction vary from person to person, but there are some general warning signs that your Internet use may have become a problem.

  • Losing track of time while on the Internet
  • Having difficulty completing tasks at work or home
  • Isolation from human interaction
  • Feelings of guilt or shame about your Internet use
  • Feelings of euphoria when using the Internet


Physical Symptoms of Internet Addiction


Because Internet addiction has become such a common household problem, there are many ways the behavior can affect your body.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Dry eyes
  • Strained vision
  • Back and neck aches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Weight gain or loss




Whatever the addiction or behavior may be, treatment is available and recommended to get your life back on track. Treatment methods vary, but the most effective include identification and ending of the behavior through renewal therapies. A full and lasting recovery is possible if you call our admissions specialists to continue forward on the road to recovery. Ambrosia’s four facilities nationwide, including their rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills, offer holistic, individualized treatment for substance abuse and behavioral health issues.


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