Learn How To Get Rid Of Track Marks

Track marks are the result of a blood vessel that is broken and sticks out through the skin. Track marks will have an irregular shape, be it long or short, but they are always red in color. These marks can appear anywhere on your body; however, they usually appear on your arms and legs. The presence of track marks can be stigmatized, leading to issues finding jobs or acceptance from others. Many in recovery from addiction to drugs injected by needles might want to learn how to get rid of track marks.

What Exactly Are Track Marks?

A track mark is a mark that appears on the skin from repeated damage caused by injuries, scratching, or intravenous drug addiction. It looks like a raw patch of skin, but there will be no scab at the top and bottom of it (because it’s still underneath the rest of your skin). A track mark can get bigger and change its shape if you continue aggravating the skin.

What Causes Track Marks to Appear?

Sometimes, track marks appear from childhood scarring. For example, it is very common for children to pick at their skin. If they have track marks in their body, this could be from picking at scabs or getting acne that can become infected. Skin irritation by something like pimples or rashes can leave scars on your body. Picking at these scars can lead to infection. If you pick too often then there is a chance of scarring or cuts leading to blisters and eventually track marks.

Track marks can also form from the frequent use of needle injections. This usually happens when you are a drug user, but it could also happen from getting shots from an illness or vaccinations. Track marks can also form from injuries that are not quite severe enough to cause permanent damage but still injure the skin. Scratches and abrasions are common with these types of cuts. You can get track marks on your legs as well as your arms if you have been playing sports without wearing protective gear like pads for example.

Steps on How to Get Rid of Track Marks

One of the most important steps on how to get rid of track marks is to stop picking at scabs, scars, or to stop using intravenous drugs. If you have been doing this for a long time, then you might irritate your skin, leading to infection.

If you are worried about the appearance of your legs because they are visible, then wear clothing that covers up as much as possible when you go out in public. Wear pants if you must, but avoid wearing clothing that shows off the entire leg. Make sure no one sees the track marks by covering them up with clothing like socks or long sleeves.

You could try using an anti-itch cream on the affected area of your body every night before bedtime until they heal completely; however, this isn’t a good idea for everyone since some people do not react well to certain types of cream medication which can cause infections.

Popularized Creams and Ointments

There are also creams and ointments that claim to reduce scarring. However, these may not work for everyone and the results are not guaranteed.

If you have been using drugs or needles in the past, then you should use an ointment that is specifically made to treat track marks caused by needle use such as scabicide. You can also look online at your local drug store/pharmacy to see if they carry any scar treatments that could be helpful. There are also other skin patch creams available online and some doctors might prescribe them for you.

You will need to apply this cream twice a day until the track marks disappear completely. However, it is recommended that you do so every night before bedtime since it could take up to six months for all of the scars on your body to heal completely (or longer). If you don’t want to wait for them to heal naturally, then there are medical procedures that can help speed up the process. This usually involves steroid injections directly into your scar which will cause swelling and make your skin look red and rough-looking because it takes some time for them to completely heal.

Scabicide Patch

If you are looking for something that can help reduce scarring in the skin, then you may want to try using a scabicide patch. This is an easy-to-use patch that comes with instructions on how to apply it directly onto your skin. It is made from a special material designed to work as an adhesive to slowly release medications into the affected area over time. This patch will help boost the healing process of your scars by reducing their appearance over time. You should apply this product once or twice daily until all of your scars have healed completely. However, if you stop early in the treatment process then they may come back again.

Dangers of Track Marks

There are dangers associated with track marks. Some people have become infected from picking at their scars, and others have even died because of infection setting in.

You could also develop an infection from picking at your scabs which can get worse over time if you do not take proper care of yourself. This is especially true for people who engage in certain types of sports like skateboarding or BMX riding where there is a lot of friction against your legs while moving rapidly while wearing protective gear such as pads.

Track Mark Dangers

  • Infection –  Some people who pick at their track marks will develop a skin infection, and some of these infections can be serious and even fatal.
  • Skin Infection – Some people who pick at their track marks will develop a skin infection, and some of these infections can be serious and even fatal.
  • Scars – You could also end up with permanent scars on your body if you continue to pick at them when they are still red or irritated; however, it is important to note that this could take many months for the scars to completely heal completely so you may want to consider waiting until they have healed before picking them again.

Help for Intravenous Drug Use

If you are addicted to intravenous drugs, then there is help available for you. You can choose to get into a rehabilitation program where they will teach you how to live drug-free so that the track marks on your arms or legs do not have a negative effect on your life.

There are also other treatment options that could be of benefit for people who pick at their track marks. To get help with substance use disorder, you can talk to your doctor about getting into a treatment program or ask them for their recommendations. If you do not want to get treatment at the hospital, then there are community-based programs that will work with you and help you live drug-free while also reducing the appearance of any scars on your arms or legs.

Drug Treatment in South Florida

Track marks are often associated with intravenous drug use. If you or a loved one are addicted to intravenous drugs, then Ambrosia Treatment Center can help you. Our program can help you detox and will have solutions for your addiction treatment needs. Call today or visit our admissions page to learn more.

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