David Hargreaves

David has battled his own addiction problems and went through 59 months of inpatient rehab. Using that experience he has been able to help others struggling in his line of work as a case manager. He loves working at Ambrosia and wishes to continue to help others that are struggling with addiction. “Never let a […]

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Benjamin Geigus

An alumni himself, Ben is relatable and realistic. He understands the fears and challenges of never having lived as an adult without addiction. He’s passionate about building real friendships and helping build stable futures, leading by example. “If you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move.” Education Diploma — Pottsgrove Senior High School Years

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Ronnie Hanley

Ronnie Hanley has extensive training from the MedVance Institute. His military training has instilled great discipline, leadership, and hard work ethic values which he applies every day as the operation supervisor at Ambrosia Treatment Center. “Difficult roads often lead to worth while beautiful destinations” Education MedVance Institute: Medical Assistant Program Florida Community College Center for

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Brian Wood

Brian is a masters-level counselor with 16 years of experience in mental health and a lifetime of experience creating art. Each session deals with a specific topic like anger, stress or goals. You visualize yourself successfully dealing with stress or achieving your goals. If you can visualize success, you can attain it. “If you’re feeling

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