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What you need to know

  • Drug and alcohol withdrawal is a physical process. Often, symptoms are so intense, and affect the body’s physical process so dramatically, that it has to be done in a medical setting under the supervision of doctors. You get physically sick and need the same level of care as other illnesses.
  • Withdrawal is a high-risk time. The symptoms of withdrawal can be so unpleasant that it sends people right back to drugs or alcohol. Not because they want to use again, but because it’s the only thing that will stop the withdrawal. Being surrounded by support is key.
  • Detox is a process, not an event. The first few days are the worst, but symptoms can linger for weeks or months. A person in recovery can experience recurring headaches, anxiety or depression, panic attacks, irritability or memory loss.
  • Withdrawals are not an excuse. The illness, anxiety or irritability that come with withdrawals may make your family member hard to live with for a while, and of course, you should be patient with them. But going through withdrawal doesn’t mean that the recovering person is free to treat family members badly or unkindly. A simple reminder—“I understand that you’re not feeling well, but please speak respectfully to me”—can go far in establishing new, healthy norms for your newly clean relationship.
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Vicodin withdrawal is the first stage on your recovery path. The discomfort can last for a few days to a few weeks, but the cravings could persist for even longer. Learn how your team can use medications to help you move through the change without returning to Vicodin abuse.

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Hydrocodone Withdrawal

Hydrocodone abuse causes persistent brain changes. During detox, you'll work through the damage and ease your brain and body into a new way of life. After detox, you'll be ready to do even more work in rehab.

DXM Withdrawal

A longstanding DXM habit leads to dependence. You'll break that habit with detox. Significant symptoms last for about three days, but your cravings may last even longer.


Drug withdrawal is one of the biggest deterrent’s individuals face when wanting to get sober. Medically assisted detox will get you thru this safely and comfortably.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be tough, and without proper medical care, severe alcohol detox can even be fatal. Alleviate your worries by learning about what will keep you safe during alcohol withdrawal and how long the whole process will last.

Heroin Detox

If you need to detox from heroin, you know how intensely addictive the drug is. Learn what physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience and how long the process will take.

Withdrawal Timelines

Your experience with withdrawal and detox will be different than anyone else’s experience. Various personal factors influence the process, but there are some overall things you can expect.

Codeine Withdrawal

Your body begins to heal during codeine withdrawal, and the worst of it is usually over in about a week. But some symptoms will persist for weeks or even months.

Cocaine Detox

The acute phase of cocaine detox is over in less than a week, so you might think you’re in the clear. But cravings for the drug can persist for weeks or even months. Treatment can keep you from acting on the urge to use.

Xanax Withdrawal

It can be daunting to think that Xanax withdrawal can take months to complete. Your doctor can help by creating a tapering schedule for you, and there are other therapies you can try to ease distress at home.


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