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In addiction, love often blinds us to the fact that our help is not helping. Families end up in a state of uncertainty and worry. That’s where the Family Wellness team comes in. Staffed with certified counselors and an ARISE interventionist, you get real advice from someone who understands.


Take 50 minutes on a video call with a Family Wellness Counselor to plan how you will act and react to life after treatment. Talk about how to set boundaries and communicate, red flags to look for or questions about aftercare options like sober living and outpatient therapy.

Online Resources

Anyone can sign up on for free access to a 10-session course on addiction. You also get a community of thousands of other families that offer advice on questions like “Should I be drug testing?” or “How do I know when they hit ‘rock bottom’?

Family Weekends

The weekends are about healing as a family. Through speakers, worksheets, hearing from other families and private therapy sessions, you can begin to have honest conversations. (Check with the Family Wellness team for the schedule. Each location is different).

Ongoing Support

From now on, you’re never alone in the fight against your loved one’s addiction. Whether they just got here or left years ago, you can text or call the family team at (888) 492-3658. Reach out for advice, local meeting/therapist matching or just to vent. We’re here for you forever.

The Importance of Family

Research shows the chances of a client’s recovery increases with loved ones actively involved. However, some co-dependent behaviors can actually encourage their addiction.

The Family Wellness Program helps answer questions, such as:

  • How do I support without enabling?
  • How do I encourage without triggering?
  • How do I communicate without my loved one becoming defensive?
  • How can I support myself and deal with my own emotions?
  • How can we start to heal from the effects of addiction?

Meet The Family Team

Sean Duane


Director Clinical Services

Sean is a masters-level therapist on a mission. He combines his passion with proven methods and promising new-age techniques like adventure-based counseling to promote trust, self-care, and a new way of living.

“By learning self-love and how to care for ourselves on a daily basis, we can confront our disease and start living meaningful, special lives.”

Master’s in Social Work — Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor’s in Business — Loyola University
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Addictions — Trauma Institute International
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals — Trauma Institute International


Years in the Field
4 Years

Personal Journey
I work in addiction treatment because I have this crazy idea that my purpose is bigger than just my life.

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Heal as a Family

Live in Sobriety


  • They took my brother in when he had nowhere else to go. They treated him with kindness, love and respect. All the staff at Ambrosia reached out to the family and checked in regularly. My brother had a wonderful therapist that got down to the core issues. Never in my life have I witnessed such a dramatic change. This place is more than a place to get clean and sober, it’s life changing.

    Katy K.
  • There’s so much I can say about the wonderful people and outstanding treatment! The best example is when our insurance would not cover the remainder of my son’s stay, yet they did not release him before he was ready. I will be forever grateful for the care and compassion that changed our lives forever!

    Terry H
  • Ambrosia stood behind me when I had to make hard decisions regarding my daughter, instead of allowing her to negotiate with me. They did not fall for her manipulation tactics like previous treatment facilities. They recognize that the past cannot be changed and focus on looking at the future. I could not imagine a more caring and professional organization.

    Cheryl C
  • I was extremely worried about my husband. He was being irrational and not thinking clearly. I felt like he wasn’t going to be accepting of treatment and instead would just go through the motions. But, his therapist and the staff stuck with it and I felt comfortable that I could relax and didn’t have to take on everything on my own.

    Katie D
  • I benefited greatly from Ambrosia. It changed my life. I needed to re-calibrate my thinking, rekindle a strong spiritually connection and learn more about how to stay sober. The staff was terrific and made things go seamlessly. I am looking forward to continuing the work that needs to be done with my therapist.

    John B.
  • I experienced many breakthroughs while here at Ambrosia and for that I am grateful.

    Scott L.
  • Fantastic experience. Knowledgeable staff. Treated fairly. Beautiful location.

    Ken R.
  • The living space at Ambrosia Singer Island is extremely comfortable. The rooms and common areas are kept very clean. The counselors are good. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a more mature atmosphere (age>30) for their treatment.

    Sue A.
  • The counseling is top notch, some of the best I’ve ever had. The techs were extremely helpful and accommodating. The facility is beautiful. Overall, a great program that I’d recommend to anyone I care about.

    Greg S.
  • Overall, a comfortable experience. Ate well and had time to relax and reflect. Small group is very beneficial. Counselors seem skilled and understanding. A good time away from substances and time to get a clear head.

    Andrew M.
  • I love the approach of Ambrosia Treatment Center at Singer Island to heal not only mind, body and soul but to also educate about the addiction and to understand the underlying problems associated with drinking.

    Debbie M.
  • This place is awesome.

    Jawana T.
  • It was a good experience. If you work the system it works for you. This was my first 30 day program and it was nice to be with other adults and learn how to get along with people again.

    Ambrose C.
  • To be honest, Ambrosia did help me a lot from the beginning. Very good counselors that really want the best for you, if you are willing to do the work.

    Emily C.
  • It has been an incredible experience, what I needed. I have gone from “why can’t I stop?” to “what can I do to prevent a relapse?”.

    Mary B.
  • Wonderful experience. I enjoyed the serenity and easy going staff. It is easy to talk with the staff, they treat you very professionally, never put you down. If I ever had a question, Everybody got back to me. They made me feel good when they knew me by name the first day. I felt like I fit in. Facility is very clean, lots to do. Nice outside environment. So much I liked

    Curt P.
  • Love Ambrosia and the staff here. Top notch, top notch.

    Dylan N.
  • It was a good step. I had a good experience here because of the housing, staff and community.

    Charles L.
  • Great facility. Caring and respectful staff. Good place to complete treatment.

    Greg M.
  • A very structured program with a good balance and helps with co-occurring disorders. Not faith-based program. Wonderful program with highly trained counselors.

    Christine L.
  • My husband struggled with addiction most of his life and has been to several facilities. I hoped that this time he would make a change. He did complete the program….and he has his life back. I have my husband back! After so many years, I am just grateful he’s on the right track. He shared with me that the clinical staff met with him and created a unique program to work for his needs. They were very supportive to him and me. I would recommend this center to anyone that needs support and understanding.

    Sheryl G.
  • The best decision I ever made was coming to Ambrosia. It was a very positive experience that has aided in saving and shaping my life.

    Mike C.

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