For anyone who loves someone struggling with addiction, there is hope.

What is HopeTracker?

A 10-session crash course on addiction and a social community to support you forever.

Everything you need to know about addiction and your specific situation, created by families for families.

  • Feel better and more in control of the situation
  • Get friendship, advice and accountability
  • Rest easy, it's completely free with no catch

The Community

Sean D. A dad from MO

My son was brought back to life after an overdose in my own house. Even that didn’t get him to stop. I didn’t know what else to do. HopeTracker gave me a new perspective and new connections that actually understood.

Debbie A. A mom from NJ

It wasn't until I started to write down in HopeTracker some of the stories of dealing with my daughter's addiction that I realized how crazy my own behavior was. You get sucked into their world and the HopeTracker brought me back.

Luke K. A husband from PA

I didn't realize how much I didn't know about addiction before. The information on HopeTracker is actually helpful. Taylor now has six months in recovery, and I never thought I'd be able to say.

Joan B. A mom from NY

I kept hearing that I needed to go to support groups and get help for myself, but I felt like this was my son's problem, not mine. It wasn't until his second time in treatment that I signed up for HopeTracker, and I finally understood.

Julie S. A wife from GA

I love my husband, but when does the disappointment end? I finally realized that if I wanted change so bad, then I'm the one that needs to change. It hasn't been easy, but at least I have a guide and a place to turn to.

Kelly M. A mom from CT

I didn't realize just how alone I really felt. I wasn't talking about it to anyone. It wasn't until HopeTracker that I could recognize addiction for the disease it is and finally connect with other moms that really got what I was going through.

HopeTracker is meant to help you, not burden you.  You can move at your own pace and skip whole sessions as needed. Heck, you can sign up just to post one question on the forum. However, you'll get the real benefit by taking the time to complete all 10 sessions and being an active member of the community.
There is no required time commitment.
While displaying your name and adding a real photo makes the community more personal, you may have reservations. You can choose to show as completely anonymous or with your first name last initial. These settings can be adjusted at any time.
You can be as anonymous as you want.
There's no catch. HopeTracker is proudly powered by Ambrosia Treatment Center. If it's appropriate for your loved one to come here, great! We hope you feel comfortable knowing we understand and are committed to the cause. However, this resource is open to anyone. It's about giving hope to any family that feels helpless.
HopeTracker is 100% free, forever.
Most families that are desperate for change don't realize (or accept) that change can start with their own decisions. Even a small step forward is meaningful. Addiction is impossible to understand and navigate alone, so prepare yourself for the journey ahead with knowledge, support and accountability.
You need real support and advice.
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