Understanding Flakka Addiction, Withdrawal, And Detox

Flakka is a new-generation drug, also known as “gravel” and “zombie.” It reportedly originated from South Florida. Flakkas’ main ingredient is called Cathinones, extracted from khat plants, with known origins in the Middle East and Somalia. Natives in those areas frequently chewed on the leaves of the khat plant for its euphoric effect.

The drug is relatively new, but the National Institute of Health (NIH) had reported extreme and potentially fatal effects based on its current data. It is said to be as potent as methamphetamine but with an even higher propensity for abuse and addiction. People who use this drug usually show bizarre and uncontrollable behavior.

From 2014-2015, Flakka took the limelight as a synthetic street drug. Cases and abuse instances related to its use appeared. Several reported cases include roving naked on a busy street, having sex with a tree, and a paranoid man seeking refuge in a police station.

The use and abuse of one of the newest drugs that hit the market, called Flakka have grown in popularity. This drug has no medical use, making it more prone to abuse, and it is perilous and additive once taken. Even with professional supervision, users will likely show physical and psychological dependence.

Flakka’s name is derived from the Spanish word “la flaca,” meaning “beautiful woman.” It contains chemicals that bind molecules to the surface of neurons that regulate dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters. Like cocaine, the effect is to flood the brain with these chemicals, but with a more lasting impact. It can cause permanent neurological damage because, aside from sitting on the brain neurons, it can also destroy them.

Cathinone – the main ingredient in Flakka, is alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone (alpha-PVP). It manifests a catatonic-like state. These drug users may or often show mad and violent zombie-like rampage and many more bizarre and dangerous acts.

The drug, a human-made stimulant, is a combination of heroin, methamphetamines, crack cocaine, and a synthetic drug called “bath salts.” It is potent and able to kill once abused and become addicted. Users can spend a meager $3.00-$5.00 to score, and it is so easy to have it ordered online on the Dark web. It is then a very cheap alternative to cocaine.

Flakka, as a designer drug, has changed name through the years. In 1920, any created drug mimicking an effect of other medications was called a designer drug, and it holds on until today. In essence, Flakka is a copy of what is already available in the market.

Flakka Drug Abuse

Flakka, in some parts of the world, goes by the name ‘gravel’ for its white crystal chunks, just like the aquarium gravel. Used with other substances can create havoc for the person. The drug acts similarly to cocaine but is potentially more dangerous than cocaine.

The drug comes in pink, brown, or white crystals. It is either swallowed and eaten, injected, snorted, or inhaled in a vapor e-cigarette. The process can make a person overstimulated, producing hallucinations, manic episodes, and rage that triggers self-harm and violence. Something quite noticeable to a Flakka user is that it gives a feeling of strength and the Incredible Hulk’s fury.

Flakka Drug Abuse Complications

Complications brought about by the use of Flakka are numerous to mention. It can go from agitation to self-harm. One can be agitated in a delirium state, from screaming, flail, and even seizures. Flakka affects the brain, not only momentarily, but it also destroys the brain neurons, causing a permanent neurological effect.

Another potential complication of Flakka’s use is kidney failure. Muscles break down, causing hyperthermia. This action takes a significant toll on the kidneys. Experts say that survivors from Flakka overdose may spend the rest of their lives in dialysis.

Other metabolic problems that may arise can be high body temperature and muscle overactivity. Proteins and other by-products of the cells are released to bloodstreams in the process called rhabdomyolysis. Flakka also manifests muscle cramps and spasms. It can also cause heart problems leading to heart attack and even death.

Recognizing the Use and Abuse of Flakka

Early detection of abuse is equivalent to treatment. Even if the drug is obtained legally, Flakka still poses a threat to the users and is very dangerous to their health. Flakka’s stimulating effect reacts differently to different people, and its products are not easily detected.

Flakka is similar to “bath salts” and can cause violent behavior and other psychosocial consequences if taken in high doses. Changes in behavior may include:

  • Hyperstimulation or excitement
  • Paranoia or delusions
  • Acute psychosis
  • Hypertension, and arrhythmia
  • Aggression and agitation
  • Violence toward oneself or others

Spending time with someone who uses or abuses Flakka may notice personality changes. These changes include disinhibited, impulsive, and or agitated behaviors.

Flakka Drug Overdose

Regardless of the dose taken by a person, the effect is lasting. Once taken in small amounts, a stimulant drug may make the user feel euphoric, alert, or animated. Taken in high doses, it mimics the cocaine and methamphetamine effect like muscle cramps, twitching, seizures, and delusions. A small quantity can kill, and the risk of overdose usually happens.

Vape users of Flakka are at high risk of overdose because the bloodstream quickly absorbs the amount taken. Flakka disrupts brain function, and the central nervous system makes it easy for overdosing.

Flakka raises body temperature, and a high temperature is harmful and can damage the kidneys, thus causing kidney failure. When the body hits the highest temperature, users tend to remove their clothes and engage in a violent rage. Users are also capable of giving harm either to themselves or others.

Households of Flakka users should watch for the following signs and symptoms that may include:

  • High body temperature (higher than average)
  • Erratic Behavior
  • Severe agitation
  • Hysterical outburst
  • Strong muscle movements
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Psychosis resulting to self inflict
  • Internal bleeding leading to organ failure

Left untreated, Flakka drug addicts can sustain brain injuries, and worst may bring death.

Flakka Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Intervention is the key to lasting recovery. Most drug dependents want to break the habit. Professional help and care are needed to get this effect. Flakka users need a Rehabilitation Center that can help substance users under medical professionals and correct intervention programs.

Ambrosia Treatment Center can offer a holistic approach to therapy, counseling, and treatment setting fit to the individual needs and situation. A complete rehabilitation program should be under medical supervision and help the patients during the withdrawal period. Treatment should also include a program that will allow an addicted patient to go back to society.

Understanding Flakka abuse and discovering the root cause of addictive behavior and cravings is of utmost importance. When understood, it helps develop a better coping mechanism, therefore, managing issues that may crop up in the future.

For instance, medical professionals may prescribe medications that will stabilize a patient’s mood, such as antidepressants, like Mirtazapine, and other over-the-counter drugs that can manage withdrawal syndromes. The Treatment Center should also include physical and occupational therapy in addition to psychotherapy. These programs are geared towards addiction cases that leave a scar. These scars result in cognitive impairment that lasts for long or even permanent and potentially irreversible effects.

Flakka Detox Program at Ambrosia Treatment Center

Each detox program is different for every individual based on their needs, personality, and how the drug has affected their lives. Ambrosia Treatment Center offers a customized plan of treatment based on needs and situations. Professional care brings out personalized and effective treatment programs to make sure that recovery is fast for patients.

Ambrosia Treatment Center offers inpatient and outpatient programs for prospective patients. Inpatients in the program resided in a substance-free facility and monitored 24/7 for medical care and therapeutic support. This program addresses those suffering from occurring mental or behavioral problems.

Another form of treatment at the facility is outpatient rehab. It offers the same kind of therapy and treatment for inpatients. The only exception is that outpatients are allowed to live at home, especially during recovery. This outpatient rehab will enable patients to care for their families and live out their life normally.

However, the outside world poses a risk that may trigger the outpatient to continue use. That is why it’s crucial to decide which treatment is more effective. Medical professionals can help you make this decision.

Our Port St. Lucie location is the largest facility we have and offers the most variety when it comes to mental health and addiction treatment services. We treat adults and adolescents, offering care to those who need it.

Flakka Withdrawal and Detox

Abuse of substances like Flakka can cause psychological impact for the addicted. That is because the effect of this drug can linger longer than expected. Not much is heard about treatment for Flakka addiction and how the brain reacts to it. Thorough research is needed to understand everything about this new substance.

The brain is deprived of normal dopamine function when using the drug. Once an addict stops using the drug, he can manifest depression and suicidal tendencies and may require extended care and a longer recovery period. As the patient becomes sober, they will be unable to recall what happened while experiencing a powerful high.

Addiction Treatment in Singer Island, FL

Identified Facts About Flakka Drug Abusers

  • Users move like zombies, jerks, and contort inhumanly.
  • When a person takes too much Flakka, their body’s muscle fibers immediately dissolve into the bloodstream, making their bodies move uncontrollably. Sometimes, heads will drop down below their shoulders. At other times, their limbs will get stiff and shoot out. It’s like watching a puppet on a string being played in the puppet theatre.
  • Flakka activates the rage in a person’s brain. That turns them irrationally violent, together with paranoid and delusional fantasies. Their minds just come up with reasons to start fighting, making people kill.
  • Flakka makes the brain confused by changing its chemistry. It results in uncontrollable action over their thoughts. Their mindset seems to be universal, and they think someone is always chasing them.
  • Flakka is ten times stronger than cocaine.
  • The drug is more potent than cocaine, so strong that taking any more than 0.1 grams can cause an overdose.
  • More than 0.1 grams of Flakka results in:
    • Increased body temperatures are as high as 41 degrees Celsius (106 °F).
    • Insanity
    • Flakka’s effect is as much as $80 worth of cocaine.
    • The sensation of pain stops
    • It creates a pandemic of dangerous and paranoid streaks
    • Flakka overdose effect to users is violent; and completely fearless behavior.
    • Flakka users think that they possess super strength
    • Promotes suicidal tendencies to users
    • The drug can easily be ordered online

Flakka – Drug Addiction Review

The abuse of this designer drug is a lesser known but ongoing issue. Efforts have been made by drug enforcement agencies to ban the substance but to no avail. Flakka has penetrated the youth and middle-aged population. Users are mostly young and disadvantaged grown adults.

Flakka is in the market and is being sold in combination with other recreational drugs. The overdose risks are high, and the effects come in measly 30 – 45 minutes after administration. The peak rush is 1.5 hours, and the total ‘experience’ could last from 6 – 8 hours. Adverse effects may continue and last for days.

Acute intoxication treatment should mainly come from family support. Treatment for Flakka abuse should also address psychiatric and medical problems, combined with proper dissemination of information and psychosocial education and counseling and peer group participation.

Treating Flakka Addiction in South Florida

Flakka is a hazardous drug when taken or ingested. Immediate attention should immediately be given to the person addicted to the drug. Treatment should also be consulted and administered by experts in the field of drug and alcohol abuse. These medical professionals had studied the best ways to cope and manage the withdrawal symptoms without harming the patient’s health.

Through the years, the Ambrosia Treatment facility has success stories to tell about substance and drug rehabilitation. There can never be a rehabilitation facility that possesses or formulated a treatment program that fits all. Ambrosia Treatment Facility Center has gone ages in developing treatment programs that will surely fit each patient’s needs. Contact us today to begin treatment.

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