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Before Rehab

Having questions is a good thing. But, take a deep breath. Treatment is where everything starts to change for the better.

What to Bring

A Checklist:
  • Enough clothing to last 7-14 days
  • Comfortable socks and shoes
  • Appropriate sleepwear
  • Gym attire and bathing suit
  • Sweaters/jackets
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner and deodorant)
  • Drivers license
  • Insurance card
  • Credit/debit card
  • Prescribed medications
  • Hobby items (ie. books, journals and sketchbooks)
  • Tobacco products
What not to bring?

Bags are screened to keep out any dangerous items. Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs are immediately disposed of. Products that include alcohol (perfumes, colognes, nail polish or mouthwash), as well as clothing with inappropriate messaging (promoting alcohol, drugs, sex or violence) can be sent home with loved ones or held secure until you leave. There’s no need for expensive jewelry or weapons of any kind, including razors or pocket knives.

Specific Policies

Phones, Laptops & Tablets

Each center has different policies regarding if and when these devices are allowed — including probationary periods and clinical approval. Devices can be kept secure until departure.


Credit/debit card or cash is required for personal items such as toiletries and cigarettes, as well as for prescription co-pays. Loved ones can call the center to put money “on account” to avoid traveling with money.

Food & Laundry

Both are included. Eat and wash your clothes as much as you want.


You can bring any over-the-counter medications that aren’t mind- or mood-altering. All prescriptions must be non-narcotic and prescribed to your name in a properly labeled bottle. Medications are distributed by licensed nurses to ensure safety and consistent routine.

What to Expect

Emotions Before Treatment

Many people feel resentful, stressed or detached emotionally in the days leading up to treatment. Push past anything you’re feeling and just get here. We’re here to help you work through negativity and anxiety.

Early emotions don’t dictate if treatment will be successful or set the tone for the rest of your stay. Most people settle in quickly once they accept the circumstances and why they’re here. Treatment works and it’s certainly worth it.

First 48 Hours

If traveling in, you’re met at the airport or bus station and taken directly to the facility. (Flights are monitored and someone will be there to get you). You’re strongly encouraged to call your family to tell them you’ve arrived safely.

You’re greeted at the facility with compassion and hope. You’ll tour the campus and meet your eleven-person private team. These licensed medical and clinical professionals start with physical, mental and emotional assessments — and ensure you feel comfortable and cared for as you settle in.

Support for Loved Ones

Pending a HIPPA release is signed, loved ones are contacted by the Family Wellness team within 3 days. Family members are offered support and advice. Their input is also factored into treatment and aftercare plans.

Families have a dedicated outlet to ask questions and get free resources including e-therapy, family weekend and a 10-session online course.

No Excuses

Don't give in to excuses. Anyone can stop drinking or using drugs for a short period of time. You need professional, quality help to make lasting changes.



Many clients have pending legal issues upon arrival. You can notify the court system or your attorney that you’re entering treatment. (Judges usually respond favorably to people seeking treatment). You will be able to manage legal emergencies that come up.



While you will likely be in treatment for only one standard billing cycle, try to pay bills ahead of time, set up automatic payments or let a loved one know. Finances are a distraction while in treatment, but you will be able to manage any financial emergency.



You cannot be fired for going to treatment in most cases. Several laws protect your job for at least 12 weeks. (Though, you can get fired for coming to work intoxicated or missing work due to your addiction). Short-term disability and/or PTO may allow you to even get full or partial salary while in treatment. You employer does not have to know the specifics. We can help sort this out when you get here, so you can return to work as a healthy and productive employee.



Children, pets or other’s that depend on you need you sober. They deserve to be a priority, not used as an excuse. The temporary separation is always in their best interest. You know that.

Before Treatment FAQ

Length of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis. Though the average stay is 30 days, clients enter treatment at all stages of addiction and with various co-occurring disorders. Therapists work with each client in the beginning to establish a treatment plan that best suits their needs and ensures a successful recovery.

Family involvement can be critical to success. While talking daily is distracting, weekly open communication is strongly encouraged. Phones are available at least several times a week — depending on time in treatment, behavior and the specific facility. Loved ones will receive more specific information regarding communication when Wellness reaches out less than three days after arrival.

That depends on a variety of factors — from the type of drug used to the body’s metabolism. Most clients report feeling better within two days up to a week. Be patient, everyone feels better eventually.

Recovery does not end after inpatient treatment. Working closely with the client, treatment team and family, a Discharge Coordinator creates a personalized plan that considers factors from living arrangements and continued therapy to employment and personal goals. Don’t worry! We’ll spend plenty of time planning with you. We’re here for you forever.