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Payment Options

COVID-19 Update: We know there’s a lot of information to take in right now, but we’re here to make sure addiction treatment is something you don’t have to worry about. We remain open and committed to providing critical addiction rehabilitation, and we’re doing everything in our power to continue providing addiction care the way you’ve come to expect from us. That means working hard to keep our professional addiction specialists helping those who need it. Rest assured, we’re putting the health and well-being of our clients and colleagues first. Please be sure to put your own health first, too.  A limited number of beds are still available at our Florida treatment centers, which are located away from densely populated city centers. If you need help today, we’re ready to help you get started. Call our helpline with any questions or concerns 24/7. If you require a more affordable payment plan, please reach out – limited payment options are available.

For updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19), including Ambrosia’s safeguards plus ways to protect yourself, click here. We continue to monitor for Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and maintain that those struggling with addiction are better treated under the care of medical staff and addiction treatment professionals (updated 3/25/2020).

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Ambrosia’s Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment is:

  • Covered by insurance
  • Backed by a 98% satisfaction rating
  • Supported by hundreds of positive reviews online

We recognize that addiction rehabilitation is not an expense that people plan for. Even with health insurance, co-pays and out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly. Take a deep breath- Ambrosia has you covered! We’re enabling more options with more affordable payment plans* (restrictions apply) so you can avoid, limit and or reduce borrowing from:

  • Friends and family
  • Ultra high-interest credit cards
  • Ultra high-interest loans from sub-prime financing companies

We know the cost of rehab can be a deterrent for those who need treatment, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your insurance policy, copays and out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly. Ambrosia’s affordable payment plans can help you with the fees that insurance companies pass onto the consumer. Not insured? We’ve got you covered too. Self-pay clients are also eligible for more affordable payment plans* when you pay 50% of treatment fees at admission (restrictions apply).

The most important thing is getting the help you need to live a sober and happy life. Ambrosia will work hard on your behalf to set you up for success on the road to your recovery without having to worry about the finances. This is your opportunity to remove the stress of a large initial payment and allow yourself to focus on healing.

Payment Options:  Addiction treatment is a life-changing investment in your health and happiness. We offer multiple payment options, all of which can be combined to help you pay for treatment. To discuss your needs, please chat with us or call. So that we can share more about new affordable payment plans options (with limited availability in our FL treatment centers).

Health Insurance:  We accept many insurance plans. Let us help you confidentially verify your insurance benefits online for free. Ambrosia Treatment Center accepts many insurance plans to help cover addiction treatment. Verify your insurance by filling out the form below.

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Treatment is for:

Major Credit and Debit Cards:  We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to help pay for your care.

Pricing & Costs:  The cost of treatment varies depending on the level of care, which are tailored to individual needs. Costs also vary based on location and other factors. To learn more, please call our admission counselors 24/7.

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*Restrictions apply: Limited number of openings available in our Florida treatment centers at any one time. Limited to qualified individuals pursuant to third party and or other payment plan qualifications as directed by financial counselors. Current or prior defaults on payment obligations may disqualify. Qualifications subject to change and are not guaranteed. Treatment insurance reimbursement must be at a level acceptable to Ambrosia. Self-pay qualifications subject to client provision of half of treatment fees at admission at treatment rates qualified by Ambrosia at time of care. You must admit for treatment in one of our select Florida treatment centers to qualify. Please call for all the details.  Page url:



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I don’t know if I need treatment.

You’re here because you know the problem is out of control. You’ve spent months if not years trying to convince yourself (and those around you) that your drug or alcohol use isn’t “that bad.”

Don’t let denial drag out the suffering. Addiction is serious. You can (and should) get help before it completely takes over your life.

I don’t know what treatment would be best.

Have you tried getting help before? If so, it’s time to follow the science. The most effective process involves detox, rehab and outpatient treatments.

Don’t be overwhelmed! All you have to do now is call to talk about where you’re at. You’ll take it one step at a time from there. Before you know it, you’ll be sober. You can do this!

I can’t convince my loved one to go.

Even if you’re feeling powerless, there’s always hope! Donny, our dedicated ARISE interventionist, can talk to you today about your options. Following his advice, three of every four people come directly to treatment.

I'm not sure if you can help.

Feelings of doubt and helplessness are part of addiction, but you can find hope here. Our treatment is backed by research partnerships with two universities and hundreds of online reviews. From the Washington Post to CNN to Vice News, our expertise is trusted by the top news sources, as well as professional athletes.

The fact is — thousands of people across the country are living sober, productive lives after their time here. You deserve the same chance.

Now is not a good time.

You may worry about missing out on family or work, but the truth is you’re missing out now when your thoughts are preoccupied on your next fix or you’re too sick or high to show up.

Your job is guaranteed by law. And, your spouse, parents and kids all need you sober.

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