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Rehab Admissions

Same Day Alcohol & Drug Rehab Admission

Selecting the best drug and alcohol treatment center for you or a loved one can be one of the most important decisions you will make.  Addiction treatment centers can differ widely in successful treatment programs, expertise along with qualified specialists to provide best in class recovery.  That’s why it is vital to look for the right treatment center qualifications.  Centers with university partnerships that are science-based along with hundreds of media reports can quickly pin-point a top treatment center like Ambrosia.   While finding the best addiction treatment can be challenging, with over ten thousand success stories at Ambrosia’s multi-state centers, we know how to make admissions easy and hassle-free.  We’re ready and able to help you take the first step towards addiction recovery.

  • 24 hour Admissions
  • Admit Evenings, After-hours and Weekends
  • We Can See You Today – get Admitted ASAP
  • Free No Commitment Private Consultations
  • Call for No Cost confidential Addiction Assessments 24/7
  • Walk-in 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year for Intake & Admission
  • Take a tour of your selected Ambrosia Treatment Center matching your needs (age group, treatment type,  location)

We understand the urgency to get help.  That’s why we provide same day addiction center intake services.  Simply call our admission team so that they can guide you to the best treatment options for you or a loved one.  While our popular addiction treatment centers can fill up, we promise to refer you to professional addiction care specialists in the event we don’t have a bed for you today.  We’ re open 24 hours and can provide Emergency Drug or Alcohol treatment admissions.  We’ll provide you with an initial free admissions consultation and will help verify insurance coverage.  Leave it up to our dedicated admissions specialists to simplify the process of getting into treatment quickly while answering any questions you have.

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Our residential admissions team can answer your questions about bed availability and the admission process or any programming questions you have.

Best Rehab Admissions Insurance Options 

Our addiction center intake team know that not all clients can afford to pay out of pocket.  That’s why we work on your behalf to negotiate with your insurance company to offer you care that’s within your means.  And provide transparent addiction rehab insurance benefits to you quickly.

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Your information has been sent to admissions who will be contacting you shortly. If you'd like to speak to admissions now, call: (888) 492-1633

Treatment is for:

Our admissions team will even accept many different addiction rehab insurance health plans at varying levels of coverage.  Learning what benefits you’re entitled to is a good idea along with understanding what your addiction treatment costs may be.  And no worries, we promise to work with you and confirm your substance abuse rehab benefits coverage free of charge or any obligation.  Upon learning the cost of drug and or alcohol abuse treatment you can make an informed decision about moving forward to get your life and health back.

We’ve helped over 10,000 people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.  We want you to feel at home with our friendly staff and comfortable surroundings.  We’ve structured our centers to offer you the best treatment experience possible. We look forward to being there with you as you begin your lifelong journey of recovery.

Why Admit to Ambrosia Treatment Center?

As soon as you walk through the doors of any of our treatment centers, you’ll soon realize that you are somewhere special.  With our history of success caring for clients, you will feel cared for when you are here. What to expect:

Rated #1 Florida Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

Top Addiction Center: Seen on CNN

  • Top addiction treatment programs by dedicated specialists that care
  • Unmatched addiction therapists w/over 10K successes – we know what works
  • Real supportive community to help you grow, recover and stay sober
  • Updated residential housing with its own bathroom
  • 3 meals daily along with snacks in a home-like atmosphere
  • You will be cared for by doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors 24 hours a day
  • Gain tranquil, peaceful, clean settings to heal and grow
  • Treatment in nationally recognized top substance abuse programs
  • Your family can have the opportunity to begin healing in our family program
  • Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us
  • You can gain the skills to end an old life and begin your new life in recovery
  • You can find freedom and success in a new sober life

We are so glad that you are considering Ambrosia Treatment Center.

Immediate Same Day Admissions Intake and Assessment

The main goal of the Ambrosia Treatment Centers is to insure our clients are getting appropriate care while in a safe and nurturing environment.  To start this process there are several interviews and assessments between our client and staff to assure we are providing the best care possible.  These assessment interviews involve one on one time with our medical professionals as well as with both clinical and operations staff.  The assessments questions help gain insight on the history and current lifestyle of each individual client to aid in individualized treatment.

We know, taking your first step toward a life free of substance abuse takes courage.  Addressing co-occurring addiction, chemical dependency plus  mental health and depression issues can feel overwhelming.  We can help.   We’ll provide a welcoming, supportive, sober and structured addiction treatment coupled with a community where clients can learn and heal from chaos created by substance abuse.

We provide integrated, comprehensive and gender specific group counseling, meeting each client’s personalized needs. Clients typically begin treatment participation within a residential setting (approximately 30 days); eventually transitioning to outpatient services for continuous recovery.   Our alumni counselors work to support clients throughout their life-long recovery journey!

Emergency Alcohol & Drug Rehab Admission

Drug Alcohol Rehab Team

Begin Your Recovery Journey Now

Ambrosia’s experienced admissions representatives are trained to provide emergency urgent drug and alcohol rehab and detox admissions.  They’re available 24/7 to discuss any challenges privately and can best determine urgent treatment options.  Confirm you addiction rehab insurance coverage and call admissions to begin your admission now.

We know that seeking addiction rehabilitation treatment takes strong will-power and corresponding willingness to get help can be precious and sparse.  That’s why our admissions counselors are available at all times and are ready to listen and assist.

Ambrosia accepts provides free addiction assessments and rehab & detox applications seven days a week.  Admission is open to clients with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency.  Prospective patients or their families are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation 24/7.

Admissions are accepted seven days a week and are a simple process that can begin by calling us at the phone number at the bottom of the page, or filling out the free check insurance form above.  We welcome and encourage any adult suffering from dependence problems and their families to call to discuss their exact condition. We will answer all questions for admitting you or a family member including their specific needs in the admission process.  Our addiction specialists and staff of physicians, nurses, social worker, and counselors will work in partnership to establish the most appropriate treatment modality. Insurance and financial arrangements are confirmed and detailed for you as part of the admission process. Our addiction treatment team is committed to caring for individuals with addictions.  Patients that can benefit from intensive residential treatment include:

  • Individuals that have been unsuccessful in outpatient programs
  • Chronic relapse patients
  • Health-care professionals
  • Legal and other Executive Professionals
  • Dual Diagnosis clients
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Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Admission Travel

Once we’ve competed your insurance confirmation check, we can next assist with your travel coordination to one of our recovery centers.  We’ll can help coordinate and plan your travel  to one of our drug and alcohol treatment facilities. It’s common for our clients to arrive at one of our drug & alcohol rehabilitation facilities within 24 hours of pre-admission assessment.  During your pre-admission time-frame, our admissions team will be available 24/7 and will stay in contact with you to help ensure your safety, comfort and arrival.  Moreover, we may be able to make arrangements to have you picked up at a local airport when arranged with our admissions specialists and local treatment center staff.   Our intake team can help coordinate directions to your treatment facility, information on nearby airports and can help you coordinate your flight options along with what to pack.

Fast Admissions Financial Overview

We’ll work with you to expedite your admission to one of our addiction rehabilitation centers.  To do so, we’ll collect your insurance card policy number, health insurer name and any plan group number and provide you with your addiction rehabilitation benefits and coverage.  Along with that you’ll receive financial information on your initial treatment coverage assessment.  Our admissions staff will confirm health insurance benefits and outline any co-pays and payment options.  You’ll have all the financial information you need to learn if our addiction treatment centers are a good fit for your needs.  We’ll support you with self-pay options and provide information needed to formulate a smart informed decision before admitting.  Ambrosia Treatment Center provides an affordable continuum of care and will guide each step towards recovery.

Admitting to your Addiction Treatment Center

Florida drug alcohol rehab facility

Ambrosia Drug Alcohol Rehab Center

After selecting a well fitting program, we’ll match you to one of our treatment centers that specializes in your addiction.  We’ll make sure you are matched to a similar age group and are provided with a recovery community with similar circumstances that can be better positioned to support you.  We will stay in contact with you to ensure the admissions process runs smoothly and will answer any questions.  Our Admissions Department stays in contact with a member of our transportation staff, whom receives flight schedules and travel information. We can arrange for clients to be picked up from the airport and driven to our facility, where facility staff can greet them.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Admissions

Ambrosia’s advanced neuro-feeback treatment approach to patient specific needs can contribute to better patient outcomes.  We offer specialized treatment tracks to address underlying addiction,  trauma, depression, emotional and other co-occurring triggers.  Addiction dual-diagnosis or co-occurring mental health disorders can be complex chronic conditions requiring comprehensive and coordinated treatment along with long-term therapy.  Ambrosia Treatment Centers’ addiction specialists help clients find a pathway to their recovery coupled with an action plan to maintain and build lasting health through a sober lifestyle.

Trauma Treatment Admissions

Traumatic experiences can lead to the development of substance use disorders and may be caused by living with these disorders. Addressing and treating trauma is essential to successful long-term recovery.

Addiction Treatment  Success Factors 

Top Alcohol Drug Addiction

Center Features


5-Star Reviews

10K+ Success


Trauma Treatment


FREE Lifetime Aftercare + Relapse Prevention plan

FREE Family Lifetime Support

FREE Intervention Call (w/restrictions call for details)

FREE HopeTracker

Reported in News

Patient to Therapist

MD & Psychologist

FREE Ambrosia Alumni Lifetime Support

History of Multiple University Partnerships 

Variety of Groups


FL Multi-acre Facility

Smoking / Vaping Area

Comparised to USA alchol rehab clinics

#1 USA Alcohol Drug

Detox + Rehab Center

  YES + BBB Rated A+ & Legistscript certfied

100s of unbiased verified reviews

100s of times

Drexel, Rutgers & Nova universities

May include relapse prevention to family, gender specific...

Pool, Massage, Yoga, Accupunture, may incl. trips to park, beach, hair stylist, local shopping, family day...

pertains to FL locations only


Other Rehabs

Not Specialized

NO speciliazed track

Few if any

Few reviews

Even large treatment centers don't have wide range of inpatient treatment successes

A crtical feature that some providers lack

A crtical feature that some providers lack

A crtical feature that some providers lack

Not offered by virtually everyone else

Not offered by virtually everyone else

Not offered by virtually everyone else

Exclusive to Ambrosia

Not even close

Likely larger groups w/ limited one-on-one therapy

Likely outside contractor vs. on-staff

Not offered by virtually everyone else

Not applicable to virtually everyone else

Limited treatment

Limited options

Vs. hospital like sterile  setting without amenities

Some Prohibit


USA #1 Drug Alcohol Rehab Center     |     Verify Drug Alcohol Rehab Insurance    |    Reviews    |     Staff 



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Successfully Sent!

Your information has been sent to admissions who will be contacting you shortly. If you'd like to speak to admissions now, call: (888) 492-1633

Treatment is for: Myself Loved one

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Have you tried getting help before? If so, it’s time to follow the science. The most effective process involves detox, rehab and outpatient treatments.

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