Will My Insurance Cover Drug Detox?

Drug addiction is a disease that affects countless Americans every single day. Every single day people seek help for it. If you wonder, “Will my insurance cover drug detox?”, then they will have to better understand some key factors first.

Drug detox is available to just about everyone. Most of the time, insurance covers this much needed and available service. Seeking professional help while going through withdrawal can significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery from drug addiction. Using insurance can greatly cover costs.

Understanding Coverage for Drug Detox

Knowing whether insurance will cover drug detox can be an important factor in getting addiction treatment. Reaching out to the insurance company can help shed light on the specifics. Additionally, you can reach out to a drug detox center as they do a verification of benefits. Here, you will contact the insurance company directly and get the specifics of any given policy. Then, they can help guide someone to the best decision.

There are many different policies with many different specifics. There is no clear cut answer to the question “will my insurance cover drug detox?”. Most insurance companies will pay for the care outside of what you are responsible for (deductible and out of pocket maximums). All you need to worry about is getting better.

Will My Insurance Cover Drug Detox?

It is understandable anyone seeking drug detox would wonder “does my insurance cover drug detox?” and whether the insurance will cover the services being provided. As this help is much, knowing whether or not a specific insurance carrier and policy will cover it can be a deciding factor in receiving the proper care during detox.

So, yes most insurance will cover drug detox. Now, every insurance policy is different. The specifics of any given insurance policy are available to the subscriber of the policy for a better understanding. If the outline isn’t helpful enough, calling and getting a verification of your benefits will give a more clear cut answer.

Which Insurance Companies Cover Detox?

Again, it is best practice to reach out to the insurance company to fully understand the scope of the benefits available through any specific policy. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming to try and do that. There is no umbrella answer that will cover the answer for every insurance policy, as every policy is different. However there are some general answers to the question “will my insurance cover drug detox?”.


Aetna policies will generally cover drug detox services, as long as they meet the standards of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines. The length and type of services are determined case by case, and can vary from policy to policy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Detox is specifically named in the outline of care through Blue Cross Blue Shield policies as covered services within the Blue Cross Blue Shield network.


Cigna will cover drug detox with most policies, although they sometimes require a professional recommendation.

Optum/United Healthcare

Optum offers care for behavioral health under its policies, including substance abuse. This means drug detox would most likely be a covered benefit under an Optum policy. United Healthcare policies would be based on laws surrounding mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Medical Detox Without Insurance

Without insurance, getting help is still an option. There are many state-funded centers throughout the country that offer care at no cost. There are also many centers that offer treatment on a scholarship basis. Research local resources and reach out.

Cold Turkey vs Medical Detox

Withdrawal symptoms occurs when someone stops abusing substances, and has the potential to be dangerous. They are also highly unpleasant and uncomfortable to experience. This is why most people who attempt to detox using the “cold turkey” method tend to relapse, as the symptoms are too much to handle on their own.

However, seeking professional medical drug or alcohol detox can help to alleviate the symptoms that often lead to relapse and make the chances of success far greater. Most of the time insurance will cover the care, with little or no upfront costs. Understanding the specifics of any given policy will help to shed some light on this.

Recover From Drug Addiction in South Florida

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