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You may naturally be curious about how much treatment will cost you, and we are here to answer any questions you may have! The price that each patient pays to receive addiction treatment usually depends on the location of the facility, its amenities and the treatment program it offers.

The cost of the treatment differs based on if it’s a luxury facility, like Ambrosia’s Beverly Hills rehab, or a standard program treatment center. Whether you require private, high-end service and amenities or simply seek treatment through a standard facility that is fully staffed with medical professionals, you will be able to find a treatment program that best suits your needs and budget.

Drug and alcohol treatment cost varies depending on the needed services required by the patient. Treatment programs can be high in price because of the services they offer, such as:

  1. Types of therapy
  2. Length of program
  3. Medical education
  4. Life skills
  5. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  6. Amenities

Standard drug facilities usually accept private insurance to assist those who do not have the option to afford luxury treatment. The number of rehab facilities accepting insurance has begun to increase, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the treatment that accepts all or part of your insurance coverage. Naturally, if the patient requires detox before entering inpatient treatment, the cost would vary. Contact your insurance company and ask what your current plan covers and if there are any treatment centers in your network.

If you do not have insurance and little financial means, there are still options. Local health or social services departments offer free healthcare to individuals with no insurance. Call your local health care services to inquire about drug treatment programs that are available.

Depending on the treatment facility and how long the patient needs in order to physically recover, there is no set period of time that applies to everyone entering treatment. A 28-30 day stay is common among those who enter treatment regardless of location or facility. However, there are some individuals that benefit from 60-, 90-day or longer stays at residential or inpatient treatment centers.

Rehabilitation helps remove the physical dependency upon drugs and teaches how to cope with drug cravings and prevent relapse. Where the rehabilitation process is within a structured, sober and safe environment, recovery is an ongoing experience once reintegrated into society. Long-term recovery begins outside of the treatment facilities walls. With the skills learned in treatment, the individual will be able to incorporate their skills in their newly sober life.

Many treatment programs offer aftercare programs to help support successful and lasting recovery. See Ambrosia’s outpatient and aftercare programs.

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