New “HopeTracker” Website Wants to Help You Understand Addiction

An online course and community just launched to help families of addicts feel connected, educated and empowered.

The Problem

Because 23.5 million Americans struggle with addiction, we’re all living in an official state of emergency.

If you aren’t feeling the panic, consider yourself lucky. Behind each statistic is a whole group of loved ones who are also suffering. These family members aren’t numbing their pain with drugs or alcohol. They’re living in pain every day.

“When you think of an addict, maybe you judge them, maybe you feel sorry for them. But do you stop to think that they’re someone’s son, someone’s nephew, someone’s brother?” said Jerry Haffey Jr., President of Business Development. “There are millions of families crying themselves to sleep every night who are currently being stolen from and lied to by someone they love who is suffering from addiction. Beyond the sadness and anger, these families face a sense of pure hopelessness. They need help.”

The Website

HopeTracker.com is an all-in-one educational and social resource for families who are struggling to keep their heads afloat while navigating their loved one’s addiction.

The free online tool features a 10-session crash course on addiction created by industry-leading therapists and a team of affected moms. Families can complete lessons that cover a broad range of topics at their own pace in the comfort of their homes. The courses touch on topics such as living with an addict, staying positive and learning to detach with love. Each session consists of multiple activities like watching a video, taking a quiz, or journaling their thoughts and plans. It’s not run-of-the-mill content either. The team went above and beyond to deliver clear and concise data by calling courts in every state to verify if addiction laws are actually being processed before outlining specific steps to take.

Addiction Forum
Loved ones are often left wondering how they can help their loved one without supporting their habit. The forum provides a safe place to ask questions and get answers from real therapists and other loved ones who can relate.

Social Community
Since isolation and embarrassment are common in addiction, HopeTracker also provides families with a constant, virtual support group. “It’s a safe space for parents, wives, aunts, sons…anyone, as they prepare for the difficult journey ahead,” states Haffey Jr. Individuals can post questions, share their personal stories and receive feedback from others who have been there before.

“I didn’t realize just how alone I felt. I wasn’t talking about it to anyone. It wasn’t until HopeTracker that I could recognize addiction for the disease it is and finally connect with other moms that got what I was going through,” said Kelly, a mom from Connecticut that helped pilot the website.

The Passion

Jerry Haffey Jr. can relate to Kelly and the many other stories on HopeTracker.

“Addiction consumed my family. It’s all we’d talk about because it’s all we could think about. Is this my fault? Am I being paranoid? Should I have said more? When will things change? The family side has been my passion since joining Ambrosia,” said Haffey Jr. “This project has been over a year in development because we wanted to do right by families who are suffering, people just like you and me. We want them to know they aren’t alone. We want to spread hope.”


Ambrosia Treatment Center
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