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Your family needs you (sober). Recover from Addiction and Trauma in West Palm Beach Florida

If you're looking to regain control over drugs, alcohol and past traumas, you're in the right place. Our West Palm Beach alcohol and drug rehab is backed by:

  • The highest accreditation in healthcare
  • 10K+ success stories
  • Researchers at leading universities
  • Private insurance coverage

Not sure if this is right for you? Let's talk about it. The person answering understands exactly what you're going through and will help you navigate your best options without judgment.

Meet Your Team

Because of our industry-leading reputation, we’re able to select from the world’s most passionate and highly trained addiction experts. From 24/7 registered nurses to a PhD trauma specialist, you and the rest of your family are surrounded with constant support.

Dotty Lerum, Clinical Director at Ambrosia West Palm Beach

Dotty has worked in addiction treatment since 1977 and maintains the highest international and Florida-specific certifications for addiction professionals. She puts her heart and soul into helping each person (finally) stay sober.

"I care about each and every person, but I don't accept excuses. It's often been years of lying, denying and manipulating. This is where those behaviors end. Once you get on the right path, you just have to keep walking."


Primary Therapist

Trauma Therapist, Ambrosia Treatment Centers in Florida

neuro-science is the most cutting-edge technique for treating trauma that also has plenty of proven research behind it. The results are typically quicker than with other forms of therapy.

"Trauma is not the person refusing to let go of the past, but the past refusing to let go of the person. The shame and loss of self-esteem can be debilitating, but even the most unimaginable pain can be healed."

Dr. Sylvia Keller PhD, LMHC, NCC, CAP

Trauma Therapist

Comprehensive Treatment
Dr. Rodriguez, Medical Director of Ambrosia Treatment Center
Dr. Raul Rodriguez
Medical Director
Sean Duane, Therapist, West Palm Beach
Sean Duane
Director Clinical Services
Brian Wood, Art Therapist, Florida
Brian Wood
Art Therapist
Andrew Hope, Chiropractor, Florida
Andrew Hope
Chiropractic Therapist
Olivia Kidney, Wellness Family Counselor
Olivia Kidney
Family Wellness Counselor
Lisa Cicetti
Neurotherapy Specialist
Nutritionist and Dietitian
Troy Tretola
Dietitian & Nutritionist

Review the Schedule

MedicalPhysical Healing

TherapeuticMental Healing

HolisticSpiritual Healing

Physical Evaluations (with MD) 1x Week

Struggling with addiction takes a toll on the body, so the client’s health must be continually monitored. In order for drug abuse treatment to be most effective, clients must physically feel good.

Dedicated Registered Nurse Available 24/7

Since medical concerns arise outside of scheduled appointments, RNs are always available at the West Palm Beach treatment center to address any health care concerns immediately. They also conduct regular assessments and ensure compliance for all medications.

Psychiatric Medications 24/7 As-Prescribed

Because we are a licensed dual diagnosis drug rehab, we treat all underlying issues like depression and anxiety to end the cycle of addiction. Clients get the correct type and dosage of mental health medications to overcome these difficulties in a safe, controlled environment.

Anti-Craving Medicine 24/7 As-Prescribed

Medications won’t cure addiction, but they can be life-changing in early recovery. Anti-craving medications address the addiction directly, allowing individuals to focus on self-reflection and healing.

Brain Mapping As Necessary

Using qEEG technology, brain mapping identifies the areas of the brain that were damaged or neglected during addiction and measures success when ready to start outpatient treatment.

Neurofeedback 1x Week

A pioneering new form a treatment, neurofeedback retrains brainwaves to function normally to overcome the damage caused by drugs and alcohol. Eventually, the brain learns to self-regulate and make healthier decisions.

Group Therapies 2x Day

Meeting with a clinical therapist regularly in specialized groups helps identify and alleviate the various issues that lead to addiction. Using the latest evidence-based counseling methods, individuals make positive behavioral, mental and emotional changes while supporting one another through the process.

Educational Lectures 1x Day

Individuals attend educational groups to learn about topics ranging from the addiction process to nutrition. Special guests, including successful alumni and recovery comedians, provide critical information in a relatable way.

Individual Therapy 1x Week

Behavioral Therapy is a form of healing conversation. The purpose of routine therapy sessions is to guide those seeking help toward making personal changes in their lives. The desired changes are usually stated as goals at the beginning of the therapeutic process and re-examined at each session.

Art Therapy 1x Week

Art therapy allows for creative expression, while also dealing with stress, grief and loss. The arts allow individuals to release feelings that they are unable to express verbally.

12 Step Meetings 6x Week

Attending daily 12-step meetings allows the individual to get connected with the community outside of residential treatment. 12-step meetings are the most widely available set of guiding principles that aid in recovery from addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Family Therapy Program 2nd Weekend Every Month

Loved ones are invited to a family weekend in South Florida to begin healing and rebuilding relationships. Research conclusively shows that these support systems are critical for maintaining recovery after leaving inpatient treatment.

Recovery Mentor Coaching Daily

Recovery Mentors give recovering addicts and alcoholics someone to turn to who has traveled the road to recovery and succeeded. The mentor bridges the gap between clinical and clients and encourages assignments and social activities.

Trauma Sessions 3x Week

Past events often perpetuate substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Specialized therapists use evidence-based techniques like Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to guide clients through the healing process in a safe, controlled setting.

Yoga & Relaxation Techniques 1x Week

A trained yoga instructor teaches relaxation techniques that help fight daily stress on the mind and body.

Therapeutic Massage 2x Week

In early recovery, the brain is in an interim phase where neurochemicals are out of balance. Massage therapy triggers the reward center of the brain and promotes increased levels of serotonin.

Meditation & Self-Reflection Daily

Daily forms of meditation assist the individual in recognizing and eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs and habits while enhancing the strength and confidence to make the positive changes that are needed. These practices are easy to incorporate into daily life long after leaving the drug and alcohol rehab facility for long-term recovery.

Sober Fellowship Activities 2-3x Week

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. It is important to not isolate and engage in self-sabotaging habits. Finding other people to relate to in recovery will provide support well beyond the time at the West Palm Beach treatment center.

Life Skills Training 1x Week

Resume building, job interviewing and even cooking are taught to facilitate independence when re-entering the “real world.” These skills help with self-resilience to build a more productive lifestyle outside of the treatment facilities.

Acupuncture Treatment 2x Week

Acupuncture is one of many holistic treatment options your therapist will consider during treatment planning. An acupuncture therapist assists in relieving physical pain without drugs and also provides education on the power of spiritual healing throughout your treatment at our West Palm Beach Rehab.

What's holding you back?

If it’s your first time, know that drug or alcohol rehab is not a prison. It is not scary or a waste of time.

You’re always surrounded by support — from case managers, therapists and physicians to a small group of other clients fighting the same fight. You’re supervised 24/7 to avoid temptation, but living with people your own age who can personally relate to your struggle.

Rehab is a time to focus on yourself and your feelings. You have to understand what’s driving your negative actions to have the power to make healthier choices. It’s a time to relax, heal and re-examine what’s really important. While you work on yourself, you might even make new friends and have a little fun. You’ll definitely come out feeling better.

Choose Life — Even if treatment has not been effective in the past, it’s the only hope for a better life. Don’t fall into the trap of excuses and denial. The fact is, staying sober long-term is five times more likely with residential treatment.

Choose Right — We’ve consulted on national television shows, been awarded Treatment Provider of the year and partnered with prestigious universities. We’re one of only 10% of treatment centers that earn the Joint Commission gold seal. Most importantly, over 10,000 people have turned their lives around with our help. You know you need quality care, so start calling facilities today to ask questions and find your best fit.

Over 80% of people that come here don’t live in Florida.

Those that do often travel in from across the state. The new, serene environment helps eliminate distractions and bad influences to get to the core of your addiction issue.

West Palm Beach is the largest city in Palm Beach County, about an hour north of Miami. Our facility is located on the waterfront overlooking the Palm Beach island hotspot for the rich and famous. It’s literally a vacation from your addiction, where you come back sober and refreshed.

Other locations:

It’s natural to have tons of questions. Both insurance coverage and treatment approaches are specific to your individual situation anyway. Let’s talk about your questions and what’s going on. You don’t have to be “ready” to get confidential answers and support.

5/5 Stars Leave a Review


Review Source
Ambrosia stood behind me when I had to make hard decisions regarding my daughter, instead of allowing her to negotiate with me. They did not fall for her manipulation tactics like previous treatment facilities. They recognize that the past cannot be changed and focus on looking at the future. I could not imagine a more caring and professional organization.
October 30
Cheryl C Mom
Review Source
Before flying down to Florida, my life was a complete loss. I went to many, many treatment centers and detoxes before, but the therapists, nurses and entire staff made coming to Ambrosia worth it. Since leaving, I feel my life is worth living. I feel better than I have in over a decade, both mentally and physically. Do yourself and your future a favor and don’t put this off.
October 18
Brian D.
Review Source
Ambrosia has an amazing staff who always go above and beyond. This facility really stands out from the rest due to their dedication to helping not only people with substance abuse problems, but also help their loved ones get through this difficult time.
September 17
Brittani C.
Review Source
November of 2015, I learned that my son and his girlfriend were using heroin and were addicted to this horrible drug. Life was upside down for all of us. I didn't know what to say or do. I thought if I could talk to him and continue to encourage him to get help that he would just realize how terrible this was and seek help. Wow was I wrong. Everything that came out of his mouth was mostly a lie. I didn't understand how he could lie, cheat, steal and deceive the very family who loved him so much and would do anything for him. It was horrible. It was suggested to me one day to call Ambrosia. I was told they really took care of not only their clients, but the client's families as well. They eventually suggested we attend a family support group so that we can begin to get the necessary help for us and begin to take care of ourselves. As many of you reading this know...We become addicted to trying to help our loved ones and subsequently neglect everything we once did for our own health. We began to attend the weekly family meetings at Ambrosia and quickly grew to realize they were extremely beneficial. Although the learning curve is slow for a family that first learns of their loved ones substance abuse, we did begin to make changes that eventually led to my son entering rehab and working on his recovery. Unfortunately, along this difficult path, my son and his girlfriend overdosed and she didn't survive. Throughout this entire journey Ambrosia's team was always there for my family and my son and his girlfriend and her family. They assisted in placing my son in a wonderful facility in Florida. Ambrosia Treatment Center was able to attend to my sons exact needs. He was in the West Palm facility and the counselors and staff there were beyond extraordinary. Presently as he continues his struggle with not only his addiction but the loss of his girlfriend. In this crazy life we live I believe we are blessed by angels from time to time. We are truly blessed that Ambrosia came into our lives at such a crucial time. Thank you my friend. We will continue to pray everyday for the many families who are suffering.
April 2
William S.
Review Source
The West Palm Beach treatment center was there for me when I was at a very dark place in my life. They were very responsive, knowledgeable and always available to help me. Without their help I don't know what I would have done. Ambrosia was fantastic and all the staff was great.
March 9
Joe H.
Review Source
First off, I am 93 days sober today! I am also a free man, with the condition of completing 12-month drug court that I was allowed to do in NY. The judge’s decision did not come easy, as she does not like people fresh out of rehab to make a move to an area where the judge does not have control of. Yet, thanks to all the supporting documents that were provided by Ambrosia and others, the judge made an exception. All of you, in one or another way, created an environment where I was able to finally hear some of the messages I have heard most of my life from my family, peers or counselors, but have failed to take them up to heart. The biggest lesson, I learned in Ambrosia was around “how I show up!” Wow, what an eye opener. It impacts me on pretty much every level in my life as well as in my relationships with others, including myself. The other major event in my stay with Ambrosia was when I decided to stay after wanting to leave, thanks to the help and support of the entire staff. That was the turning point in my recovery. Those 4 days of struggle with my thoughts, actions, perceptions, feelings and habits helped me shed a light on how I was living my life for the last 30 years, and how it was a constant repetition of the same circumstances, just with different people. This really is making me question all of my core beliefs and allows me to get on the path of recreating myself and reshaping my reality.
June 16
Ek G.
Review Source
Great Staff, lovely facility! The trauma track saved my daughters life. Thank you Ambrosia!
June 7
Nicole M Mom
Review Source
This is an amazing facility with super caring and amazing staff, especially the Wellness team giving me the guidance and support I really needed in my life.
August 6
Nicole V Wife
Review Source
My experience at Ambrosia was good and helped me gain spiritual knowledge and understanding. I would not change a thing. The therapists were great, and everyone was very welcoming.
April 5
Mike M.
Review Source
The experience was amazing, the entire staff was very supportive and caring. I learned so much about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention, and coping skills.
July 13
Jenik T.
Review Source
Great and wonderful universal experience.
May 22
Clark K.
Review Source
Overall, Ambrosia Treatment Center South is an excellent facility with enough amenities to be comfortable and a clinical staff that is certainly second-to-none. This facility provides ample tools for those willing to recognize and utilize them.
December 5
Brad L
Review Source
I can't say enough good things about Ambrosia South. This place literally saved my life. This was my fourth treatment, and never before have I felt so cared about while in treatment. The staff here helped me through all of my problems. Not just addiction, but also the root causes of my addiction. I've never felt so sure about my future plans, and it's nice knowing I now have the tools to fight this battle the right way. This place is amazing, and I will always be grateful for everything they did for me.
April 2
John M.
Review Source
My overall experience at Ambrosia South has been amazing. The counselors were there to believe in me when I couldn't believe in myself. They pushed me to dig deeper and look past the drugs and alcohol down to my core issues. In doing so, I was able to find myself again. The support here is phenomenal, and I got everything I could ask for and more out of my stay.
November 20
Jenna K.
Review Source
The staff actually cares about you and your recovery. The therapists are all wonderful in their own ways. The techs are good. Overall, it was a great experience here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the future.
April 1
Elizabeth R.
Review Source
Ambrosia is family to me.
February 1
Jeffery K.
Review Source
Ambrosia is a great rehabilitation center with a stellar clinical staff. I would recommend it to anybody who needs help getting their life back on track. It certainly worked for me.
April 9
James M.
Review Source
In my stay at Ambrosia, my expectations were exceeded in receiving the care that I needed. I had a spiritual and emotional breakthrough beyond what I could have imagined, primarily with my counselor. In addition, he provided me with insight, tools and stepping stones on how to maintain a healthy and long lasting life in recovery. I would recommend Ambrosia to anyone in need of help.
March 5
Emily L.
Review Source
Very homey, techs are great.
December 19
Deanna R.
Review Source
I enjoyed the view and the knowledge. I feel all the counselors are very good and management is very good.
November 15
Colleen C.
Review Source
It helped me a lot here with my trauma and dealing with that. Really good therapist, I got a lot from him.
January 16
Kathryn T.
Review Source
This is the best experience out of 4 rehabs. The techs were cordial, but followed the rules. The community was fantastic.
February 12
William N.
Review Source
Ambrosia was there for me when I wasn't there for myself.
March 19
Kerry R.
Review Source
I loved my stay at Ambrosia. The staff was very knowledgeable and compassionate. I learned how to build a foundation for my recovery, and I would not change a thing.
April 5
William M.
Review Source
Ambrosia finally opened my eyes and ears to the possibility that recovery can work for me. They do more than a good job here. My counselor offered good advice, and I especially enjoyed the outdoor group sessions.
April 7
Ryan L.
Review Source
Clean, professional, caring. I highly recommend this facility to all friends and family in need. Ambrosia saved my daughter's life.
April 11
Kelly R.
Review Source
Ambrosia is one of the best places I’ve been. They truly care and really understand where you are at when you come in.
Robert W.
Review Source
The staff will never give up on you or your recovery goals. They truly go above and beyond to make your stay more comfortable and make you feel welcomed.
April 5
Maeve G.

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