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Alumni Reviews

  • Ambrosia really helped me learn how to cope with my trauma and become stable enough to further my recovery outside of treatment. The structure taught me skills for being independent like cooking for myself, doing laundry, and cleaning up after myself. I’ve been to multiple treatment centers and this by far is the best and the most beneficial! I know have over 6 months sober and I attribute a huge part of that to them!!

    Samantha R.
  • The medical staff was the highlight here. They met all my needs and I felt like I could go to them whenever I needed to.

    Rudy P.
  • Ambrosia helped me give life back to my boyfriend and our relationship. He wanted to get sober, but he didn’t know how to get medical leave and I didn’t know how to help him. They got him through the detox and gave him a new life. I want to thank everyone involved in helping us gain our lives back.

    Emma H.
  • Best rehab facility I have ever been to. The staff and counselors really, truly care about you and your recovery.

    Nadia F.

    Addiction Treatment You Can Trust

    Vetted by the Joint Commission

    The highest accreditation in healthcare, earned by only 10% of addiction treatment providers and further proven by hundreds of news articles – from the Wall Street Journal to the A&E show Intervention.

    Backed by University Partners

    Research teams at two prestigious universities analyze our treatment and help us take the entire field of addiction medicine to the next level.

    Searching for South Florida Medical Detox?

    Once you’ve started the cycle of using drugs or alcohol, it’s both difficult and dangerous to stop without medication and the supervision of medical professionals. Getting past withdrawal sickness is the first step but, don’t worry, medical detox is nothing like doing it on your own. Ambrosia Treatment Center offers holistic detox including meditation, acupuncture, and mindfulness. For advanced, complex, medicated detox and detox for multiple substances, incremental services of a stand-alone detoxification unit outside of Ambrosia may be required. Please call for your free detox assessment and answers to your personal medical detox questions.

    South Florida Addiction Therapy Options

    Whether considering residential or outpatient treatment, what’s important is that you do what will work. With advanced therapies like neurofeedback testing to re-train the brain and neuro-science for trauma, you can conquer drugs and alcohol and the underlying issues.

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    Clinical Leadership

    Sal Raichbach PsyD, CFSW, LP

    Sal has over 25 years of experience as an actively licensed psychologist in Florida, New Jersey, Nevada and New York. Headquartered in Jupiter, Sal oversees Ambrosia’s top rated centers and their therapists. He ensures every person here makes real progress every day.

    “Before you can break out of the prison, you must realize you’re locked up.”

    Jupiter executive office location is a non-treating, rehab admissions, executive and compliance office.  Speak with our admissions team to find your personalized best fitting addiction treatment options in Palm Beach county Florida or beyond.

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