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Your family needs you (sober). Recover from Addiction and Trauma in West Palm Beach Florida

If you’re looking to regain control over drugs, alcohol and past traumas, you’re in the right place. Our West Palm Beach alcohol and drug rehab is backed by:

  • The highest accreditation in healthcare
  • 10K+ success stories
  • Researchers at leading universities
  • Private insurance coverage

Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s talk about it. The person answering understands exactly what you’re going through and will help you navigate your best options without judgment.

What It’s Like Here

At the Drug Alcohol Rehab West Palm Beach

Start to live, laugh and cope without drugs or alcohol

Surround by palm trees, tranquil pool and lounge chairs along with bright sunny Florida sun you’ll feel the support of trauma survivors like you. Days are filled with intense therapy sessions, including advanced treatments like neurofeedback testing to retrain your brainwaves and neuro-science for trauma. In between, you’ll be able to relax and self-reflect with holistic options like massage, chiropractic and art therapies. Recover with confidence in a top drug alcohol rehab treatment center with 98% satisfaction rating & hundreds of 5-Stars reviews & long accreditations history, BBB A+ ratings plus Joint Commission National Quality Approval. Recover with evidence-based dual-diagnosis expert addiction treatment.


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Meet Your Team

Because of our industry-leading reputation, we’re able to select from the world’s most passionate and highly trained addiction experts. From 24/7 registered nurses to a PhD trauma specialist, you and the rest of your family are surrounded with constant support.

Dotty Lerum


Wellness Counselor

Dotty has worked in addiction treatment since 1977 and maintains the highest international and Florida-specific certifications for addiction professionals. She puts her heart and soul into helping each person (finally) stay sober.

“I care about each and every person, but I don’t accept excuses. It’s often been years of lying, denying and manipulating. This is where those behaviors end. Once you get on the right path, you just have to keep walking.”

Florida Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Certified Addiction Counselor — International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium
Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Certified International Co-Occurring Disorder Professional

Trauma, Young Adults

Years in the Field
41 Years

Personal Journey
I got sober in 1975. Helping others take that same honest look inwards is my life’s purpose.

Sean Duane


Director Clinical Services

Sean is a masters-level therapist on a mission. He combines his passion with proven methods and promising new-age techniques like adventure-based counseling to promote trust, self-care, and a new way of living.

“By learning self-love and how to care for ourselves on a daily basis, we can confront our disease and start living meaningful, special lives.”

Master’s in Social Work — Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor’s in Business — Loyola University
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Addictions — Trauma Institute International
Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals — Trauma Institute International


Years in the Field
4 Years

Personal Journey
I work in addiction treatment because I have this crazy idea that my purpose is bigger than just my life.

Brian Wood


Art Therapist

Brian is a masters-level counselor with 16 years of experience in mental health and a lifetime of experience creating art. Each session deals with a specific topic like anger, stress or goals. You visualize yourself successfully dealing with stress or achieving your goals. If you can visualize success, you can attain it.

“If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color.”

Master’s in Mental Health Counseling — Palm Beach Atlantic University
Bachelor’s in Psychology — Palm Beach Atlantic University
Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Years in the Field
8 Years
Personal Journey
Art therapy transforms pain into beauty. I make art when I can’t gather the words to say.

Andrew Hope


Chiropractic Therapist

Chiropractic care isn’t just about cracking backs. Studies show it can reduce muscle, joint, bone or connective tissue pain better than many medications. With over 30 years of experience, Andrew has mastered how to use the power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

“You don’t have to be injured benefit from chiropractic care. The preservation of health is always better than waiting to cure damage. Anyone is one chiropractic adjustment away from a good mood.”

Chiropractic Medicine — Lincoln Chiropractic College


Years in the Field
31 Years

Personal Journey
Chiropractic care is one of the few areas of medicine that can address the whole body, enhancing our ability to think, move and perform.

Review the Schedule


Physical Healing

  • Physical Evaluations (with MD)
    1x Week

    Struggling with addiction takes a toll on the body, so the client’s health must be continually monitored. In order for drug abuse treatment to be most effective, clients must physically feel good.

  • Dedicated Registered Nurse
    Available 24/7

    Since medical concerns arise outside of scheduled appointments, RNs are always available at the West Palm Beach treatment center to address any health care concerns immediately. They also conduct regular assessments and ensure compliance for all medications.

  • Psychiatric Medications
    24/7 As-Prescribed

    Because we are a licensed dual diagnosis drug rehab, we treat all underlying issues like depression and anxiety to end the cycle of addiction. Clients get the correct type and dosage of mental health medications to overcome these difficulties in a safe, controlled environment.

  • Anti-Craving Medicine
    24/7 As-Prescribed

    Medications won’t cure addiction, but they can be life-changing in early recovery. Anti-craving medications address the addiction directly, allowing individuals to focus on self-reflection and healing.

  • Brain Mapping
    As Necessary

    Using qEEG technology, brain mapping identifies the areas of the brain that were damaged or neglected during addiction and measures success when ready to start outpatient treatment.

  • Neurofeedback
    1x Week

    A pioneering new form a treatment, neurofeedback retrains brainwaves to function normally to overcome the damage caused by drugs and alcohol. Eventually, the brain learns to self-regulate and make healthier decisions.


Mental Healing

  • Group Therapies
    2x Day

    Meeting with a clinical therapist regularly in specialized groups helps identify and alleviate the various issues that lead to addiction. Using the latest evidence-based counseling methods, individuals make positive behavioral, mental and emotional changes while supporting one another through the process.

  • Educational Lectures
    1x Day

    Individuals attend educational groups to learn about topics ranging from the addiction process to nutrition. Special guests, including successful alumni and recovery comedians, provide critical information in a relatable way.

  • Individual Therapy
    1x Week

    Behavioral Therapy is a form of healing conversation. The purpose of routine therapy sessions is to guide those seeking help toward making personal changes in their lives. The desired changes are usually stated as goals at the beginning of the therapeutic process and re-examined at each session.

  • Art Therapy
    1x Week

    Art therapy allows for creative expression, while also dealing with stress, grief and loss. The arts allow individuals to release feelings that they are unable to express verbally.

  • 12 Step Meetings
    6x Week

    Attending daily 12-step meetings allows the individual to get connected with the community outside of residential treatment. 12-step meetings are the most widely available set of guiding principles that aid in recovery from addictive and compulsive behaviors.

  • Family Therapy Program
    2nd Weekend Every Month

    Loved ones are invited to a family weekend in South Florida to begin healing and rebuilding relationships. Research conclusively shows that these support systems are critical for maintaining recovery after leaving inpatient treatment.

  • Recovery Mentor Coaching

    Recovery Mentors give recovering addicts and alcoholics someone to turn to who has traveled the road to recovery and succeeded. The mentor bridges the gap between clinical and clients and encourages assignments and social activities.

  • Trauma Sessions
    3x Week

    Past events often perpetuate substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Specialized therapists use evidence-based techniques like Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to guide clients through the healing process in a safe, controlled setting.


Spiritual Healing

  • Yoga & Relaxation Techniques
    1x Week

    A trained yoga instructor teaches relaxation techniques that help fight daily stress on the mind and body.

  • Therapeutic Massage
    2x Week

    In early recovery, the brain is in an interim phase where neurochemicals are out of balance. Massage therapy triggers the reward center of the brain and promotes increased levels of serotonin.

  • Meditation & Self-Reflection

    Daily forms of meditation assist the individual in recognizing and eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs and habits while enhancing the strength and confidence to make the positive changes that are needed. These practices are easy to incorporate into daily life long after leaving the drug and alcohol rehab facility for long-term recovery.

  • Sober Fellowship Activities
    2-3x Week

    Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. It is important to not isolate and engage in self-sabotaging habits. Finding other people to relate to in recovery will provide support well beyond the time at the West Palm Beach treatment center.

  • Life Skills Training
    1x Week

    Resume building, job interviewing and even cooking are taught to facilitate independence when re-entering the “real world.” These skills help with self-resilience to build a more productive lifestyle outside of the treatment facilities.

  • Acupuncture Treatment
    2x Week

    Acupuncture is one of many holistic treatment options your therapist will consider during treatment planning. An acupuncture therapist assists in relieving physical pain without drugs and also provides education on the power of spiritual healing throughout your treatment at our West Palm Beach Rehab.

What’s holding you back?


  • Ambrosia stood behind me when I had to make hard decisions regarding my daughter, instead of allowing her to negotiate with me. They did not fall for her manipulation tactics like previous treatment facilities. They recognize that the past cannot be changed and focus on looking at the future. I could not imagine a more caring and professional organization.

    Cheryl C
  • Before flying down to Florida, my life was a complete loss. I went to many, many treatment centers and detoxes before, but the therapists, nurses and entire staff made coming to Ambrosia worth it. Since leaving, I feel my life is worth living. I feel better than I have in over a decade, both mentally and physically. Do yourself and your future a favor and don’t put this off.

    Brian D.
  • Ambrosia has an amazing staff who always go above and beyond. This facility really stands out from the rest due to their dedication to helping not only people with substance abuse problems, but also help their loved ones get through this difficult time.

    Brittani C.
  • The West Palm Beach treatment center was there for me when I was at a very dark place in my life. They were very responsive, knowledgeable and always available to help me. Without their help I don’t know what I would have done. Ambrosia was fantastic and all the staff was great.

    Joe H.
  • Great Staff, lovely facility! The trauma track saved my daughters life. Thank you Ambrosia!

    Nicole M
  • This is an amazing facility with super caring and amazing staff, especially the Wellness team giving me the guidance and support I really needed in my life.

    Nicole V

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