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Get your life back on track.
America’s #1 Adult-Only Drug Alcohol Rehab Center

Living with alcohol or drugs for so many years can feel like there’s no way out. But, our 10K+ success stories prove you can do this. You’re in the right place to (finally) make lasting changes.

  • Highest accreditation in healthcare
  • 10+ year track record
  • All private insurances accepted

Whether you come here or not, choose to do something different — to feel better. It’s time to make the call.

What It’s Like Here
At the Florida’s Adult Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Everyone here relates to addiction and are genuinely focused on their own healing. You’re met with compassion and treated like an adult.

While no one wants to go to rehab, the resort-style Florida location keeps you as comfortable as possible. Palm trees and tranquil ocean views offer peace during your transition to sobriety. The living spaces are modern, safe and professionally cleaned every day. You’re able to continue to manage your recovery, while still getting away from triggers.

Meet Your Team
Coming together with the doctor, nurse, case manager, recovery mentor, peer guide, alumni advocate, and Wellness family team, seasoned therapists will be with you every step of the way.

Sean is a masters-level therapist on a mission. He combines his passion with proven methods and promising new-age techniques like adventure-based counseling to promote trust, self-care, and a new way of living.

“By learning self-love and how to care for ourselves on a daily basis, we can confront our disease and start living meaningful, special lives.”


Director Clinical Services

Brenda is backed by both state and international certifications, as well as over 40 years of personal recovery. Her decades of experience includes teaching addiction treatment in hospitals and dealing with the most chronic cases.

“Everyone comes in overwhelmed, but looking to make big change quickly. This is where the process starts. Where you learn to harness and hold on to hope.”


Primary Therapist

Review the Schedule
Healing the Body
Medical Doctor Appointment 1x Week
Addiction wreaks havoc on the body. Regular appointments with an MD at the drug rehab Florida helps catch and minimize any health problems. In order to fully open up and focus during mental and holistic treatments, you have to feel OK.
Chiropractor Appointment 2x Week
Chiropractors use hands-on methods of properly aligning the body’s spinal structure so the body will heal itself without surgery or medication. It is also an added benefit because it restores mobility to injuries caused by stress and traumatic events.
Brain Mapping As-Prescribed
Brain mapping technology measures which parts of the brain are functioning at an optimal level, and which ones are falling behind. This data is used to create an individualized treatment plan and assess progress along the way.
Registered Nurse On Site Available 24/7
An RN is available day and night at the rehab center to assess any physical issues and directly intervene. Nurses also ensure medication compliance, provide personal medication education, advocate for the client and record their progression om addiction recovery.
Regulated Medications As-Prescribed
Our doctors utilize non-habit forming medications, specifically for addiction, to reduce cravings and curb any underlying mental health issues. With dual diagnosis treatment for issues like bipolar disorder and depression, you’ll be educated on the importance of continuing med-compliance after leaving the drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida.
Neurofeedback 1x Week
By retraining the brain, neurofeedback regulates brainwave activity and balances important neurochemicals to stabilize mood, improve decision-making skills and prevent relapse.
Healing the Mind
Marriage Track 1x Week (minimum)
Intense “imago” therapy focuses on making marriage a place of healing instead of a stressor. This track takes a relationship approach, rather than an individual approach to problem-solving in a marriage.
Educational Lectures 3x Week
Learning about critical topics — such as the potential physical damage of continued drug abuse and the stages of relapse — allows recovery at an intellectual level. Information is presented in authentic ways that underscore the seriousness, yet keep clients actively engaged.
Art & Music Therapy 1x Week
Art and music therapy provides a calming outlet for emotions and traumas that are difficult to express with words. The creative expression serves as an icebreaker to cover tough topics and to reach walled-off individuals. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, clients are focused on self-expression.
Family Weekends 1x Month
Family weekends at the Florida drug rehab start the healing process. Through speakers, worksheets, hearing from other family members and private family therapy, you can have honest conversations.

NOTE: If you’re a loved one that can’t attend the treatment programs, don’t worry! We have a full Family Wellness team to provide resources, advice and even FREE e-therapy sessions.

Small Group Therapies 11x Week
Various specialized groups allow clients to benefit from the advice and support of those traveling the same path. The private, therapist-led peer-to-peer interactions are authentic, discourage isolation, and provide a sense of purpose in helping others.
12-Step Meetings 7x Week
12-step meetings are widely available near our drug and alcohol treatment center and throughout the United States. These meetings for alcoholics and drug addicts focus on building relationships and accountability and are backed by years of experience. Ambrosia’s program directly translates to life after residential treatment and maintaining sobriety.
Trauma Therapy 1x Week
Repressed traumatic experiences can block the healing process and interrupt treatment plan progress. neuro-science (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) helps individuals confront and overcome distressing memories that are getting in the way of long-term recovery.
1:1 Therapy 1x Week
During the private time with your therapist, you uncover issues and motivations that can be worked through during group sessions. You become more self-aware and self-empowered to create an overall happier and more fulfilling life that lasts long after your stay at our Florida alcohol rehab.
Healing the Soul
Massage 3x Week
Addiction causes all kinds of discomfort — from tension and stress to pain and nausea. Massage helps ease the discomfort of withdrawal and promotes relaxation to finally let your guard down in the safety of the best alcohol treatment center in Florida.
Beach 1x Week
Sandy beaches are a perk of choosing rehabs in Florida. The tranquil and meditative place help you relax and stay centered during your time in intense therapy. Learning how to use downtime productively is a key skill in early recovery.
Gym 2x Week
If you look better, you feel better. Exercise doesn’t just strengthen the muscles, it also strengthens your heart and bones. Regular exercise releases plenty of endorphins in the brain. These reduce the sense of pain, improve sleep, and reduce stress, decreasing the risk of relapse.
Yoga 1x Week
Yoga is a technique of controlling the body and the mind. Weekly yoga classes help addictions and mental focus, while ridding the body of toxins and decreasing daily stress.
Catered Meals 3x Day
Proper nutrition helps recovering clients feel better because nutrients give the body energy, help build and repair organ tissue, and strengthen the immune system. Nutrition also plays a role in enhancing their mood and overall well-being. Feeling better by eating frequent, healthy meals will reduce the risk of relapse. Our treatment facilities can accommodate special diets as well.
Acupuncture 2x Week
Acupuncture is shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and restlessness, as well as physical pain and insomnia. Targeting specific organs, like the liver, through acupuncture points helps the body naturally detoxify during substance abuse treatment. For advanced, complex, medicated detox and detox for multiple substances, services of a stand-alone detoxification unit outside of Ambrosia may be required. Please call for your free detox assessment and answers to your personal medical detox questions.
Outstanding Questions
What about work, kids, etc.?
Yes, you can keep your job. Yes, your family is better off with you sober.

The positive parts of life are often used as a way to remain in denial and avoid dealing with addiction. In reality, your job is guaranteed by law and you can only truly be there for your family when drugs or alcohol aren’t controlling your thoughts and behaviors.

Once sober, all aspects of life get better. Instead of clinging to old thoughts, know your future will be much more fulfilling without drugs and alcohol.

What is rehab like?

Days at our rehabs in Florida are full of intense self-reflection, paired with relaxation activities and other treatment services. You’ll be surrounded by a small group of people just like you that understand exactly what you’re going through.

You’re allowed to take care of outside responsibilities. While, at the same time, finally taking responsibility for your drug and alcohol abuse.

By the time you leave our drug and alcohol treatment center, you’ll feel like a new, refreshed person that is ready for sober living both mentally and physically.

Why go to rehab in Florida?

Getting away from old environments and habits helps you look honestly at what your life looks like and how to change it. That’s why around 80% of people that come here don’t actually live in the state of Florida. The extra space promotes relaxation to focus on healing.

People specifically choose our location on Singer Island to be surrounded by other adults and treated like an adult. They don’t want to deal with the immaturity and distractions of twenty-somethings that fill most other rehabs. It’s your best option to be able to take care of things at home and relate to those around you.

You’ll be welcomed to Florida with sunshine, compassion and comfort.

Where can I get more info?

It’s normal to have tons of questions about your treatment options. We do our best to give an honest, detailed look at what treatment here is all about, but addiction is a personal topic. Your health care coverage and exact treatment plan are specific to just you. That’s why you have access to phone and chat support 24/7.

Call to ask questions about our levels of care, see if you’d owe anything out-of-pocket or just talk about what’s going on. You don’t have to be committed to treatment here to make the call and get some help.

Get help now!
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