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Marybeth J A Mom From AL

What do heroin track marks look like?

My son has been on and off pills for a long time. I can always tell right away because I was no angel at his age either. Now I'm wondering if he is using needles because it's the middle of summer and he is wearing long sleeves around the house and he looks like he is hiding something! I'm going to ask him to see his arms the next time he asks me for money. What do the track marks from heroin look like?
Lauren B They don’t always look the way that they do in the movies. My sister’s arms were inconspicuous except for a tiny red mark at the crux of her elbow. Later I found out she was shooting in her feet too. I read online that they’re called track marks because after awhile the same spot doesn’t work, so they use the same vein but move the needle to different areas along the vein. So you end up with a “line” in your skin.
Mom69 Any marks or bruises inside the crease of the elbow, tips of hands, anywhere a visible vein may be. The marks will look kinda like an insect bite unless they poked themselves in the same spot more than once-them it'll be possibly bruised and show more redness.
Rachelle K My son had red and purple brises, as scabs That is how I knew he was using
HopetrackerA3 Just because there are no marks that doesn't me they aren't snorting it. My son has a terrible fear of needles but used a straw to snort heroin. Also little pieces of tin foil that he would use to heat up and hold it.
Kelly M They look like bruises, with little black dots on them from where the needle enters. I would see them all over my daughters arms when she would pass out, but she did a good job at hiding them for a long time. I also suggest drug testing him if possible, that always felt like the best proof to me because my daughter always had excuses for her bruises