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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Is Suboxone safe?

I found a little package labeled Suboxone in my son's room. When I confronted him about it, he said it was a prescription to help him quit pills, and that he got it from a doctor. I called the doctor to see if he was telling the truth and everything checked out. I'm proud of my son, but is this safe for him to do on his own?
Stacy Fore I am not a medical expert, so here is the mom opinion. It's cleaner that street drugs and it's made to help. It can and will be abused, just like Sudafed is, but if you are asking if it is safe as a MAT program, I believe that it works wonderful things in people that work the right program with it.
FormerUser My son became addicted to Suboxone after taking it to help him quit pills. They were not prescribed by a doctor, he was taking his recovery into his own hands and it backfired.
Pamela P Opioids are very potent painkillers which are frequently prescribed by the doctors to patients suffering from unbearable pain. Although its addictive potential and chances of an addiction are lower, but it is possible. Although highly unlikely, but it is possible to become addicted to Suboxone even after strictly adhering to the prescription. Is there any alter medicine which can prescribe by your sons doctor?
Olivia K Suboxone is used to help people get off of opiates. However, it may become another addiction if there isn't a plan in place for dosage and how long it will be used. It is best to work with a Doctor to make these decisions. Ask the doctor for specifics about your son's prescription so everyone is on the same page.