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Tina L A Friend From CT

I would like my boyfriend to have an after care program in place for when he gets home from treatment because isn't that the best chance he will have at not relapsing?

He thinks me wanting him to have an after care program means I'm not giving him the chance to work the AA and NA program. I feel that having an after care program will help me build trust again. I feel like him not putting that in place then he isn't understanding what I need for when he comes home. I am working the Alanon program which helps a lot but I definitely think there needs to be more for the first 6 months when I have learned he is most at risk for relapse. He has been in treatment before came out worked the program and after 5 months relapsed. I am feeling a great deal of anxiety and have resentments building up in me that this wouldn't be a decision that would come easily for him or that I need to talk him into this.
Wife17 Yes, definitely. After multiple tries of my husband coming straight home and "just going to meetings" with little success, I learned that aftercare is crucial. It made a huge difference for him when he had the support of an IOP program for the first few months in recovery. It also benefitted me to have a point of contact (his therapist) that I could talk to regarding his progress and any concerns I had.
Olivia K Having a strong aftercare plan in place is extremely important and usually recommended after residential treatment. While treatment teaches the tools for recovery, aftercare provides guidance in using those tools effectively. Have a conversation with your boyfriend and his therapist about your feelings and ask what their clinical recommendation is. Be prepared to support their suggestions and trust their professional opinion. This takes the pressure off of you and will ensure healthy communication so you can all develop a plan together that is agreed upon before discharge.