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Ana H A Mom From FL

Does anyone know of a good sober living house in the palm beach county area?

I would like my son to go to sober living after rehab. I think it would make the decision more attractive to him if I can research a few places before I show it to him. Anyone know of any ones that they have had positive experiences. TIA
Greg B wiki [url=]wiki[/url] [wiki](
Uncle6 I know too few good realtors who work in the area because money is more important to them than anything else. Moreover, they do not know how to manage mail at all. They answer you as if you are their close friend. I just want to show them
Bill S Good afternoon! If you are afraid to move to a new area in order to see a new home, then I advise you to contact realtors who organize interactive virtual tours. With these technologies, you won't need to leave your home to explore the house you want to buy. I recommend looking for more information on the Internet.
Julie S In my experience, if your son was in inpatient, they would have the best suggestions for reputable places in the area.