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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Can my brother still smoke weed and drink as long as he isn't on "hard drugs"?

My brother has been on and off meth for years, but he finally got into a rehab and managed to stay the whole time. I called him after he was discharged, and without even thinking, I invited him out for a beer on me. Is it messed up to drink with him even though he isn't an alcoholic? I don't think I could live with myself if I caused him to go back to his old ways.
Katie D Being in recovery means giving up all drugs and alcohol is a drug. Most people have a hard time giving up alcohol if it wasn't their 'drug of choice' and have to find out the hard way that they should no longer drink. I know people are taught this in treatment but unfortunately, most of the time people have to go out and figure out for themselves that they can no longer drink alcohol.
Joan B When my son went to treatment the first time, he insisted he could still smoke weed and have some beer because his main problem was narcotics. Later on, after his third treatment, he explained to me that he ended up abusing marijuana and alcohol in a way he never had before. Eventually, it just wasn't doing for him what he "needed" and picked up cocaine and heroin again, overdosing almost immediately. This is what it took for him to realize he could not put any substances in his body without being able to safely predict where it would take him.
Olivia K Many people in recovery initially think they won't have to give up other drugs that weren't 'problematic' for them in the past. Unfortunately, this hardly ever ends up working out well. Many people may have to experiment and find this hard truth out on their own. Smoking weed and drinking may work for a few months - until it doesn't, and more than likely they will need to seek treatment again.