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Brooke P A Wife From FL
It has been 5 months since my significant other has come back from rehab. After he came home I felt such a sense of security because he had been gone for 30 days and seemed to really have a grip on a solid recovery program. It only took 2 weeks for him to relapse. I was back at square one not knowing what he was doing or how bad it was going to get again. I found solace in starting my own “recovery” program. I jumped in with both feet to Al-Anon which has given me an incredible sense of community in times where I feel completely alone. Not always does family give the right support when they can’t relate to what you’re going through. It took me months to get to my first in person meeting but afterwards I felt like I could breath. Since then my significant other has gotten clean. He has completely changed his program, has found a new sponsor and even voluntarily admitted himself to a halfway house for 90 days. We always hope that it will be the last time our loved one relapses but I have found so much comfort knowing that I’m taking care of me so if it does happen again I have as many tools as possible to ensure I can endure it. “Easy Does It”

Donna B A Mom From FL
I have 2 children in recovery. Both used fentanyl and crack nasally. My daughter OD ‘d x 2. One I did 10 rounds of CPR. THey both have attempted suicide. My son went through recovery 7+ years ago. That was tough, having 2 now is even worse. I never thought my daughter would get addicted after her seeing what we went through with her brother.

Clinten B A Dad From OK
I knew my son was smoking marijuana, but did not believe he was doing other drugs. Maybe I just didn't wanna believe my fun, loving, and innocent son would ever do that even as signs were evident. He was living in Texas with friends and one night I received a call that he was on some sort of acid trip. Immediately, I drove to Texas and brought him home. I thought I could help him but soon realized that my "helping" was actually hurting him and hurting me. So, I got him to agree to an assessment at Oakwood Springs in OKC, and sure enough, they admitted him. It has only been 2 days, but I feel a sense of relief knowing he's in a good place that will help him. I'm ready to start this journey with him and will be involved with the family program to see his recovery succeed.

Kylie B A Wife From CO
Back in April my husband finally came clean about his addiction to opioids. It was a hurdle (at the time) I thought we could overcome, he sought out treatment, started using saboxone and both he and I were attending weekly counseling sessions. It was about a month in when he stopped his treatment plan without telling me. I found out when his body was going through withdrawals (something he couldn’t hide) he told me saboxone made him feel like a zombie, I had sympathy and approved of the life I thought he wanted to live, a life free of all substances. Little did I know his once opioid addiction turned into a substance abuse with cocaine. I found drugs multiple times in the house and he would always promise me it was old, or that he was feeling really low and it was a one time thing. When I thought things were getting better, I hadn’t found any drugs in over two months, our intimacy frequency had increased, and he was finally starting to feel good about himself , I discovered he was back to using. First with cocaine, and when he hit an all time low it turned to meth. I had a full-blown panic attack, called his mom (who has always been a supporter of his recovery and is well versed in the topic ) we had an intervention and I had hoped for him, this was “rock bottom”. I left the house for a week, and only to come home to find meth in his favorite hiding spot. Most recently he has sought out an addiction counselor , but to remember this isn’t enough. I’m very concerned he is prone to use, if he isn’t using already. I don’t like the person I have become, I am constantly worrying about what he is doing, if he is high, how much money he is spending, and if I can sustain much more. My closest friends tell me to leave, tell me that I’ve given him more than three strikes, and that it’s time to focus on me and my recovery. I’ve moved out of our home (temporarily) and am living with friends and at his moms additional housing (which is vacant) . I’m reading a lot about boundaries during this time. But I’m struggling with the fine line between boundaries and ultimatums. I’d greatly appreciate any support anyone has or wisdom to share.

Amy B Geez, this is SO difficult. I have found going to a support group very helpful!

Charlene P A Mom From VA
Preparing for my son's return home.