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Sherrie D A Mom From FL
I’m new to the hope tracker, not sure if I should share with community, what community is it that I am sharing with, Ambrosia?

Sherrie D A Mom From FL
Oh my gosh, the story, it is a wild ride that no one could ever imagine. I was asked recently to write an impact letter and send to my son’s therapist. I had two of them, a short less intense version (which is the one I sent) and the long version. When my son called, he said he had to read the impact letter in class. His comment to me the next day on the phone was you were too easy on me. And he was right. It is just so painful to keep going over the bipolar/mania/ addiction cycle we have been on for over ten years. The legal, financial and medical is so overwhelming, not to mention the insurance fights for coverage and medicine. I cannot tell you how many pawn shops I have been I or how many EDS we have been in, the tattoos, lies, stealing, rehabs, car accidents, gambling, sex, drugs, grandiose thinking, a million dollars buried in the back yard, psychotic breaks, not to mention the time away from husband and other children and grandchildren! I have just recently started therapy after all this time!

James D A Dad From FL
My 40 year old fiancee is in treatment. I've been enabling her for years. We used to live together with her daughter and my 2 sons. Finally I had to ask her to leave. Her daughter chose to stay with me. After exhausting all her funds and living in 2 towns, she came to me for help. I co-signed an apartment close to my home. She was supposed to work and pay what she could afford but never contributed a dime. She kept drinking and I kept enabling. Last year she got a job and still did not contribute. Her son is super toxic (17) and she allowed him to stay in the apartment. He tore the place up, wrecked a few cars, got arrested several times but police just send him home time and again and his father is worthless in helping. My fiancee decided to get treatment. Left her son in the apartment. Told him no one was allowed over and asked me to keep an eye on him. He ignored her and ignored me. When he was having multiple underage kids stay over unsupervised. I told him we need to sit and talk about boundaries. He told me to F-off, shut the ring camera in the family room off and ripped the ring door bell off the wall. I told him to either respect the boundaries or I would kick him out. His response was for me to grow some b***s and do it. I went to police who did nothing. I called my fiancee who is in treatment and told her I was going to terminate the lease. I then did. The apartment complex could not be happier given all the trouble he has created there. They posted a term notice on the door and of course he flipped out. Now my fiancee is falling into his "I'm the victim" trap and thinks I didn't handle it correctly. I feel relieved that the police have been told and the apartment complex know I'm not living there and an unsupervised minor is. If something were to happen, someone could have been hurt or worse. I could have been sued or been sanctioned by FINRA for getting an eviction on my record. I have 3 other kids counting on me. Thanks for reading and hope to hear your thoughts.

Maria M A Mom From FL
Recovery for My Daughter

Maria M A Mom From FL
I have a 23 year old daughter who has struggled with alcohol and pill addiction. She started drinking when she was 16 years old. I as many other moms blamed myself and often wondered what could I have done differently in her life to have change this outcome.
As a mother it’s hard seeing your only daughter struggle with an addiction. The hardest for me is seeing my daughter wanting to change, accepting who she has become however unable to make that change because her body wouldn’t allow her too. Her mind was in the right place, she often attempted to change on her own however could not. She was a victim in her own body. I wanted to take her pain away and know what is it like to be in her. But someone said to me, in order to feel and know what she is going through you must become her. You must become an alcoholic or have a drug addiction. This is the only way you can know what she is feeling daily and understand her uncontrollable struggles.
I didn’t want that for myself. So I did research to have a better understanding. I educated myself in ways I can help her.

James D You are doing the right thing. Hang in there, set boundaries and stick to them. You are not alone.