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Brad G A Husband From TX
wife is being discharged Monday. We havent seen each other in 48 days. She has gone to rehab like I asked and is doing so much better. We had a great joint therapy session over the phone. I won't lie...I am nervous. Not really that she will fail, but just being together again after such a long time. We have never been apart more than 3 days in 10 years. I pray our future is free of drugs, alcohol and hurts.
Has anyone else experienced this nervousness with someone you love? IS 40 days in rehab enough?

John L A Dad From MD
How do I sign out?

Donna B A Wife From MA
I hate this effing thing
3Times ive started my journal and 3x ive lost i!

Courtney C A Wife From WV
Iā€™m thankful he is in treatment
I get a break and I know he is safe

Dkim J A Mom From FL
I am so grateful for the opportunity that has been given to my daughter to get into a wonderful treatment center. I pray that this is the time that something clicks with her and she finds her way back to life. My concern is that she has been in many, many rehabs and detoxes over the past ten years and has never completed a program, although she has come very close. One time 10 1/2 months only to leave and return to drugs. Please God let this be her time to live and give up the existence that has almost killed her so many times. Returning to drugs is my biggest concern for her.

Kim S I will pray for you and her. I am in the same boat. Mine has finished several programs only to return to a life of drugs. Praying she will see the light!šŸ™šŸ»šŸ™šŸ»šŸ™šŸ»