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Velora D A Mom From TX
My daughter is addicted to heroine! She has always been addicted to something I guess ever since she was a young teenager. She was raped at the age of thirteen and although I tried to get her help at the time, she didn’t want it and started to self medicate herself. She was diagnosed with bipolar at age 15, and she refused to take her meds and kept self medicating with marijuana and meth and other drugs. I put her in rehab and she broke out and just would accept the help. At age 17, we had to call the police at Christmas time because she was on drugs and out of her mind and my daughter woke up in a jail cell Christmas morning. I really didn’t think she would ever start taking heroine because she always said she wouldn’t, but almost a year ago, she did and know she is a heroine addict. She is an adult but I still feel responsible, I have pretty much raised her kids and she has had all her kids taken from her. I just wish she would care more about her kids than the drug but that never seems to be the case. She always chooses the wrong men to be with and I am scared to death that I will lose her one day.

Brooke P A Wife From FL
I met my significant other during a recovery period In his life. When COVID-19 shut down the state of Florida it took a short three weeks for him to relapse. The lack of structure and open availability to AA meetings quickly let him isolate himself. Knowing his background with relapse and recovery for most of his adult life made me hyper aware of the situation at hand. I have never been worried about our relationship because we are very open with our feelings and sharing our emotions whether it be happy, mad, sad or otherwise. My worry has always stemmed from him not being able to stand up once he started drowning. My feelings at this point our relief because he sought out help for himself without any pressure from the outside or getting in trouble with the law. Thankful that the treatment facility welcomed him with open arms and most importantly the immense support from his friends and family.

Lisa S A Mom From PA
Can someone please explain to me why a person goes to rehab numerous times but does not want to stop drinking. My son's problem is with beer. He does not know when to stop. It has even gotten to the point that his job (great job) could be in jeopardy. Yeah, he gets help, support, and criticism from me and his best friend but gets a major put down from his father. I don't want to write him off but I also know that if he continues with this it could be the death of me - literally (I am a heart patient).

John G A Husband From OH
Me and my wife would go out all the time to have a few drinks then on way home we would have to stop to get my wife another bottle of wine then sometimes she would drink that and look for any alcohol we had in house she then would turn in to a very mean person and find everything wrong with me and tell me for hours later finally she would pass out Or she would try to tear are house up cause I wasn’t saying what she wanted to hear I lived on pins and needles next morning she didn’t remember night before

Tatiana M A Wife From NY
relapse prevention