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Bob E A Husband From GA
No specific questions or thoughts beyond what I posted in Session 1.

Robert D A Dad From CA
Never been good at writing down what I want to express. I feel ashamed of him but also very proud. He’s an intelligent man very capable fo accomplishing whatever he determines he will do. I know he will eventually accept alcohol is to be totally rejected by his body. That his mind simply stops reason thinking. I know it will take time for him to totally determine to keep away from alcohol. Or anything else that is harmful to his health.

I think he like all men has a need to feel he has accomplished something worthwhile. I feel is is capable of doing so but searching for something and unable to find it. He has so much potential but I think he feels he has been in a rut and doesn’t know how to get out.d

Michelle M A Friend From KS

Meri C A Mom From MI
My daughter is addicted to benzodiazepines aka xanax. She started around the age of 17 which was around the same time she started having issues with school. She eventually dropped out with only 4 credits left to graduate, she also hasn't gotten her GED. I really started noticing she had a problem within the last 2 years. Yes things started coming up missing and money getting stolen prior to that but I seemed to be able to always find someone else to blame. I was in denial for quite some time. I have been guilty of being an enabler as well. I want to learn how to show her I love her without feeding into her addiction.

Mary B A Sister From FL
Well my brother is my.only sibling, he's 14 mns older than I, he's a professional business man also a firefighter, emt , I thought he was just taking pills after a prescription led to an addiction, but then I found out by him he was on herion because the pills wer harder to.get, idk, but he's 57 and been on it for only 2 yrs but a 9k habit a mn. I'm just speechless over the amount,but he did reach out for help.to.me, I called Ambrosia's center, he's now in detox , goes to rehab the 5th
I'm just worried how he's doing . I've done rehab w my daughterd addiction 7 dif times, but for this to be my brother, it just feels so different