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Be willing to try something different, you’re capable of much more than you think.

My drug use started out like everyone else’s. At first, it was fun, and I felt like I had everything under control. Of course, it progressively got worse as I spiraled into full-blown addiction. The second I took that first drug I instantly loved the effect it had on me. Before long, I had lost complete control, and it was too late to turn back without help. Addiction is such a dark spot to be in. Eventually, you get to the point where you’re just stuck. You can’t live a successful life with drugs and alcohol, but without them, you cease to function and your mind and body shut down. After a while, I had destroyed any healthy relationship I had with anyone in my family. My friends didn’t want to associate with me anymore, and my love interests quickly left once they saw how much I cared for a substance and not them. Coping with an addict was unbearable for them.

Instead of living one drug at a time, I live for the day. Today is all that I have.

With the help of a South Florida rehab center and my sober friends in the 12-step fellowship, I found the key to sobriety is willingness. I am proud to say that I am happy and free from the daily prison of addiction today. Recovery is always new and exciting. Life now is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. During my addiction, I lost all my dreams and ambitions. Now I know my possibilities are endless.

Since getting sober, I have become a productive member of society. I don’t fear much anymore because God has my back. I work in a field where I get to help others every day, and it has helped me gain a sense of freedom and serenity that I never thought was possible. I can go anywhere and do anything.

I am always learning and growing if I let myself and I keep an open mind.

The best part about sobriety is being a vessel for God’s word to others and being in a capacity to help others who struggled as I did. There is nothing better than seeing the light return to somebody’s eye after a long road of darkness. I am available to my family and others around me. I am no longer useless.

My plans are to build my life as far as it will go while helping anyone else who needs it along the way. I hope to be able to share my recovery experience in a professional setting and have a real impact on those who don’t know there is a better way to live and are struggling to stay sober. If I can get clean anyone can, but it requires serious work and desire to maintain my sobriety over anything else.

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