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Ask for help and never give up on yourself.

When I started drinking on the corner as a kid, I had no idea where my addiction would eventually take me. A couple of years later and I would be selling drugs on that same corner. The progression of this disease catches up with you before you have any idea what is happening. Eventually, opiates and prescription drugs took over my life and put me on a downward spiral that seemed impossible to escape.

Even though I was physically present, my loved ones lost me for years. I was selfish, and constantly looking for my next fix. When you’re using, you’re blind to everything else going on around you.

Life in active addiction is miserable and lonely. To someone who hasn’t experienced it, it is difficult to understand. When life got bad, it was tough, but it gave me the push to get sober that I needed. I was hurting my mother as she watched me deteriorate into a son she couldn’t recognize. I hadn’t seen my daughter for over six months, and my brother was in the hospital fighting for his life after brain surgery. Once I saw my brother, I knew it was time to finally accept help. I packed my things and went to treatment at Ambrosia’s West Palm Beach rehab knowing that it was going to be difficult, but it was the right thing to do. Despite all the difficulties that came with it, I am grateful for that push in the right direction.

Actions speak louder than words.

A big part of my recovery is facing the damage I did in the past and cleaning it up. I had pending legal issues, no job, and no direction when I decided to give up the fight. Today, I have a job, I am clear of my legal troubles, and most importantly, I am sober.

When I finally let my guard down and went to treatment, things started to change in my life. The people around me could see that I was taking recovery seriously. Little by little, I started to get back the things that my addiction took away from me. Now I speak to my daughter every day, and I am proud to say my family has their son back.

My outlook on life is simple these days, I take life one day at a time and try to live in the moment.

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