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Love them and understand that it’s a disease. Get out of their way and stop enabling them.

My daughter’s addiction started with alcohol and eventually progressed to opiates, like so many do. We tried to hide it for a long time which put so much stress on our family relationships. After a while, unimaginable things started to happen. She was stealing, getting into car accidents, and getting in trouble with the law. It was awful watching my beautiful daughter suffer while my family was falling apart.

After multiple attempts at rehab and the relapses that followed, I found my way into a family support group for parents of children who struggle with addiction. It was there that I learned about codependency and I found the strength to stop enabling her.

Like so many parents, we thought that we were protecting her, but we were only prolonging the inevitable.

We finally told her she couldn’t live with us anymore and that we weren’t going to pay for her to die. We were always in touch with her, and she knows we never stopped loving her. We just refused to let her die under our roof. By a miracle, she ended up at Ambrosia’s Port St. Lucie rehab.

Today I’m proud to say that our daughter has climbed out of the dark hole she fell into. She is in the process of making her amends, addressing her health issues, her criminal records, finding steady employment, cleaning up her credit rating, securing a stable living environment and remaining focused on her recovery. She is now putting herself through college and is close to graduating with her bachelor’s degree.

There were so many long days and sleepless nights that I never thought this was possible. The strength of my family is unbelievable.

I am so grateful for the recovery process. The best thing about my daughter being sober is what it has taught our family. My husband and I, our son and his wife, and our other daughter have learned the meaning of hope and faith. This disease affects everyone, and no one is immune.

We have all learned to value each other because life is precious.

As a mother, her recovery means everything to me. I am so proud of her strength, her faith, and commitment to giving back. I am grateful and amazed that our family relationships are back intact and continue to get stronger.

Our daughter’s future is so bright and promising. I know she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to do. She is truly the strongest woman I know. She knows how much I love her and how proud we are of her.

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