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Don’t be afraid to ask for help; it will save your life.

I was drinking to live and living to drink. It was hell on earth, but I couldn’t put down the alcohol.

I started drinking recreationally, but I quickly lost the power to control myself. I was angry and irritable constantly, and it tore me up to have to watch my family go through the pain of living with an addict. I put my family in danger many times over the years and caused more emotional pain than I could fathom. Despite all of this, I couldn’t figure out how to stop.

There is nothing worse than wanting to quit, but not being able to.

After many failed attempts, I went to Ambrosia’s alcohol rehab center in Florida with the willingness to do whatever it would take to save my life. I knew that if I continued the way I was going, it wouldn’t be long until my life completely unraveled, and something had to be done. I took all the things I thought I knew about living sober and left them at the door. I had heard people talk about surrendering my will before, and I never fully understood what that meant or how to apply it. I was told early on that recovery is an ongoing process, and it requires work on a daily basis to maintain my sobriety. It sounds daunting, but if I just try to do the best I can day by day, it adds up to a lifetime of happiness.

When I let go of my own ideas and started taking suggestions, things changed almost immediately.

Recovery has allowed me to regain the respect for myself that I had lost for so long. It wasn’t easy, but I have been able to build a life without alcohol that I can be proud of. When things don’t go my way, I have the tools to accept it instead of getting frustrated and immediately reacting. The small changes I make in my behavior add up to huge differences in my attitude. My view of the outside world is completely different now.

Being clean and sober has reunited my family. That is by far the best gift sobriety has brought me.

After all the damage I did to myself and my family, my sobriety has reunited us. Today I am planning my retirement and looking forward to many more years with my beautiful wife and children. Change can be scary, but I thank God every day for the gift of desperation, and I thank myself for following through before it was too late.

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