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Listen to the people you trust and follow their direction.

My addiction started with smoking weed with friends or an occasional party on the weekend, but I quickly became interested in harder drugs, especially pills and psychedelics.

Within a few years, my life had become a living hell. I would do anything to get money for the next high, even putting my life on the line. My actions tore my family and my relationships apart. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t be there for anyone I cared about. I let everyone I knew and loved down for years. The end of my spree resulted in a domestic violence charge and jail. Something had to change.

Eventually, I found myself out of options.

I bounced around from rehab to rehab trying to get better, but sobriety wasn’t sticking. I would make some progress and build things back up just to tear them down again. When things got bad enough, I made the decision to head back to treatment for the last time and do things the right way.

Immediately, something was different. For the first time, I admitted that I didn’t know what was best for me. I immersed myself in the program and took every suggestion that my counselors and my peers gave me. I no longer had a choice. I was desperate to figure out how to manage life without drugs and alcohol as a crutch, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Only then did I start seriously working on myself. Going through the steps and getting in touch with a power greater than myself is the only thing that got me out of the mess I created to where I am now.

I could never have imagined being in the position I am in today.

My life is amazing. I have finally found a purpose and I have solutions to negative feelings other than getting high. Now I’m able to show up for family and friends and be an example. My relationships with my family and friends are completely different now. I’ve been able to right many of the wrongs that I did while I was using. I truly feel like I’m not the same person that did those things in the past.

I have found inner peace.

One of the best things I can do now that I am sober is to help others recover like so many people helped me. It’s the only way I get to keep what I’ve gained along the way. I recently went back to school to become a drug and alcohol counselor so I can pass this knowledge to the next person who needs it.

My goal is to continue down the path of recovery and go back to school for my psychology degree so I can be more effective to others. Today I have real friendships, sponsees and relationships with people that I thought would never speak to me again. I had to fall hard to get back up, but I wouldn’t trade anything where I am today.

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