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We Do Recover

A movement to save lives by ending the stigma of addiction and addiction treatment because 24 million Americans struggle with drugs or alcohol and only 2 million seek treatment.

Stories of Hope

Spreading inspirational proof that addicts can recover, with a $500 college scholarship prize. We are everywhere, doing amazing things.

Advocacy Partnerships

Offering materials, professional guidance and monetary donations to well-aligned advocacy groups that educate community-by-community.

Outreach Programs

Engaging corporations, unions, hospitals and pro sports teams to take action through comprehensive, specifically-tailored programs.

Support Events & Helpline

Hosting regular events for those in recovery or their loved ones to get support and build community, as well as a nationwide, FREE 24/7 Recovery Helpline.


Collaborating with other prestigious organizations like Rutgers University to benchmark the stigma and improve treatment effectiveness.

Celebrity Involvement

Partnering with influencers like pro football Hall-of-Famer Cris Carter for press and speaking engagements to spread greater awareness and education.

Cris Carter
Jennifer Childers
Stephanie Morcom
Andrew Gallagher
Susan Pearce
Jacqueline Tobias
Jennifer Cleveland
Nick Williams
Benjamin Geigus
Sivia Franko
Pat Fay
Lawrence Traynor
Patrick Spross
Michele Schreck
Devyn Taylor
Melisa Grace Harrison
Lauren Schreck
Bill Scannell
Erik Hurvitz
Jennie A.
John Beliveau
Peter Hayes
Alex Santana
Ashlee Petersen
Brian Sullivan
Travis Natiello
Joseph Ashdale
Gary Wilson
Bryan Meyer
Tyler Auck
Jonelle Asenato
Matthew Rathgeb
Brandon Griffin
Joseph Groves
Angie Palamara
Tyler Kruse
Whitney Ducharme

Get a $500 Scholarship

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Have you been affected by drug addiction or alcoholism looking to better yourself by continuing your education?

Share a positive story of your recovery or the recovery of your loved one. Your story will be featured like the ones above, so use those as an example, but be unique and creative.

Then, share on social media! The winner will be selected July 31, 2017, based on the most shares on Facebook or Linkedin.

  • 1,000 word written story
  • 1-2.5 minute video
  • 2+ images of yourself

Open to U.S. residents over the age of 18 attending college in the fall of 2017, including both undergraduate and advanced degrees. By submitting your story, you agree to the scholarship terms.

    Be Involved in the Outreach

    It’s important to meet people where they’re at, but not leave them where they’re at.

    Sign Up Your Organization

    By helping spread the recovery stories of sports heroes and successful business people, you help society see addiction for what it is — a disease that can and does happen to anyone (like any other disease). If you take the shame out of seeking help for addiction and provide appropriate resources, you will save lives.

    Whether you’re a CEO, HR rep, union leader, hospital director or journalist, anyone can start the conversation and ensure everyone knows what to if they are suffering in silence or sees someone else suffering from addiction.

    Get Real Support

    Addiction can feel isolating for both the individual and their loved one. In reality, as much as 10% of the population is living in recovery. Forming meaningful relationships with those that can personally understand the situation has a dramatic impact.

    FL meetings for those in recovery • weekly
    NJ meetings for those in recovery • monthly
    FL “Recovery Fun” events • monthly
    NJ “Recovery Fun” events • quarterly
    NJ support group for families • weekly

    For more info or 24/7 personal support:

    Stay Educated on the Research

    Behind the statistics are real people. Each story matters. Combined, they highlight the severity of the issue and the dire need for urgent action.

    Through our partnership with Rutgers University, we are finding practical ways to move the entire industry toward a higher-level of more effective care. By keeping a pulse of the stigma in the U. S. through independent surveys and analysis, we can measure the impact of each effort.

    • Percent of Americans Struggling with Addiction 10% 10%
    • Percent of Addicts that Don’t Seek Help 89% 89%
    • Percent Increase in Substance Abuse Deaths 100% 100%


    Stories of Hope


    Fellowship Events


    Celebrity Speeches

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