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Valium Addiction Rehab That Works

Valium Addiction Treatment that Works

Attempting to detox from Valium without professional help can lead to medical problems or cause you to fall back into the cycle of abuse. Our addiction specialists utilize the latest Valium abuse treatment, including contingency management and cognitive behavioral therapy. These treatments have proven to be effective for substance abuse issues, like Valium addiction. Motivational enhanced therapy works towards continued abstinence from drug use by having the recovering individual contrast the drug and the benefits of achieving and maintaining recovery. In cognitive behavioral therapy, individuals learn skills to help them deal with addiction-related situations as they arise.

Struggling with an addiction to a controlled substance like Valium isn’t something to hide or try to deal with on your own. There is help. If you or a loved one is struggling with their use of Valium don’t hesitate to reach out to Ambrosia Treatment Center. We have three locations throughout Florida and one in Pennsylvania. We offer a holistic and supportive approach within our nationally-recognized rehab program that focuses on each one of our client’s individual needs.

Ambrosia Treatment Center’s addiction specialists are well qualified to help anyone suffering from an addiction to Valium or other benzodiazepines. Our state-of-the-art treatment facilities provide a serene environment perfect for Valium addiction rehabilitation and recovery. We’ve developed Valium addiction treatment modalities to help you recover and stay drug-free while mitigating Valium withdrawal symptoms and decreasing the odds of relapse.  Learn the top 5 factors to Valium Drug & Alcohol Rehab & Detox recovery success.

Drug Rehab for Valium Addiction

How can You tell if you are Addicted to Valium?

Because Valium affects the chemistry in the brain, the longer it is used, the more a person will crave it to feel normal. After some time, the brain begins to require the drug to function normally. Valium is a strong class of benzodiazepine, and even when prescribed by a doctor can create a dependency issue within the user after as little as 4-6 weeks.

It is important to watch for signs of dependency and discuss diazepam usage with a qualified physician. Some of the signs to watch for include:

  • Needing a larger dose to feel the drug’s effects
  • Cravings for and obsessive thoughts about the drug
  • Consistent usage even after the original issue is resolved
  • Continued use at the objection of friends and family
  • Feelings of isolation and hiding usage from friends and family
  • Ignoring daily obligations and responsibilities

The dependency issues and side effects of using diazepam can be compounded when they combine the medication with alcohol. This is because both alcohol and diazepam affect the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain. Using them in conjunction with each other increases the chances of overdose significantly.

What is Valium

Valium is the brand name for the generic drug diazepam, a controlled substance from the drug family known as benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines attach themselves to neuroreceptors in the brain. Then, they go to work by dulling the sensitivity of these receptors and providing a calming effect for the user. If a person has an unbalanced amount of stimulation firing from these neuroreceptors, Valium can be used to bring them under control again.

Due to its nature as a highly effective sedative, qualified doctors prescribe Valium for a wide variety of reasons. The most common being:

It is incredibly important to take the correct dosage of Valium as prescribed by your doctor and to follow the instructions they give you about usage. Valium provides a calming high to users that can be highly addictive, and as such, it has high rates of abuse. It is sold quite commonly on the streets under many different names, including eggs, jellies, moggies, Vs and vallies. These pills are also known as bars, benzos, blues, chill pills or downers when referring to the class of benzodiazepines as a whole.

How Long Does Valium Stay In Your System?

Valium is considered a fast-acting drug and begins to work in users in as little as 30 minutes, but generally within 30-60 minutes. Once in the user’s system, the effects from a dose of Valium should last anywhere from 4-6 hours. However, diazepam will remain in the bloodstream even though that person is no longer feeling the effects of the drug. Valium takes on average 20-70 hours for 50% of the drug to clear the body. This is known as its half-life. And it can take up to six weeks to fully clear the body from when it was taken, depending on dosage levels.

It is essential to speak with a physician to find out the correct Valium dosage. Typical dosage amounts range from 2mg to 10mg depending on the severity of the condition treated and the individual health of the user.

Side Effects of Valium Addiction

As with any drugs that affect the neurotransmitters in the brain, there can be serious side effects for improper usage and drug abuse. Drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision, or unsteadiness are all common side effects experienced by a wide range of Valium users. Still, there are more serious complications that can also present themselves.

When using Valium, it is vital to watch for any of the following side effects and to seek medical attention as soon as possible should they occur:

  • Changes in Mental State (agitation, confusion or forgetfulness, hallucinations, restlessness, depression or suicidal thoughts)
  • Difficulty speaking, walking, or using muscles
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Yellowing of eyes/skin
  • Extended sore throat, fever or chills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Itching or swelling

These side effects are particularly important to look out for if you or someone you know has overdosed on Valium. If this is the case, it is imperative to seek medical attention right away or call the Poison Helpline at 1-800-222-1222 for more instructions.

Treating Valium Addiction

Valium vs Xanax

There are many types of benzodiazepines on the market, with two of the most common being Valium and Xanax, or generically – alprazolam. Although both fall under the same drug class and serve very similar functions, they are not exactly the same. Both medications work quite quickly in the system, although Valium is known to be slightly faster, and their effects last for roughly the same amount of time, 4-6 hours.

The most notable difference between Valium and Xanax is that of their half-life expectancy. As mentioned above Valium’s half-life is 20-70 hours. In comparison, Xanax has a shorter half-life of 11 hours and can take days to leave the body instead of weeks. Although it would seem that a drug with a shorter half-life would be the ideal choice between the two, studies have shown that Xanax, and most short half-life benzodiazepines, actually have sharper withdrawal symptoms. Valium is also known to cause more severe levels of drowsiness.

Making the decision to get clean from the use of Valium or some other drug is a brave and tough one, but addressing the problem is always better than ignoring it. At Ambrosia Treatment Center, we can help you get through detox so you can start the emotional healing and mental wellbeing needed for a lifetime of sobriety.


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