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The Family Wellness Program Dedicated Support for Loved Ones

In addiction, love often blinds us to the fact that our help is not helping. Families end up in a state of uncertainty and worry. That’s where the Family Wellness team comes in. Staffed with certified counselors and an ARISE interventionist, you get real advice from someone who understands.


Take 50 minutes on a video call with a Family Wellness Counselor to plan how you will act and react to life after treatment. Talk about how to set boundaries and communicate, red flags to look for or questions about aftercare options like sober living and outpatient therapy.

Family Weekends

The weekends are about healing as a family. Through speakers, worksheets, hearing from other families and private therapy sessions, you can begin to have honest conversations. (Check with the Family Wellness team for the schedule. Each location is different).

Online Resources

Anyone can sign up on for free access to a 10-session course on addiction. You also get a community of thousands of other families that offer advice on questions like "Should I be drug testing?" or "How do I know when they hit 'rock bottom'?"

Ongoing Support

From now on, you're never alone in the fight against your loved one's addiction. Whether they just got here or left years ago, you can text or call the family team at (888) 492-3658. Reach out for advice, local meeting/therapist matching or just to vent. We're here for you forever.

The Importance of Family

Research shows the chances of a client's recovery increases with loved ones actively involved. However, some co-dependent behaviors can actually encourage their addiction.

The Family Wellness Program helps answer questions, such as:

  • How do I support without enabling?
  • How do I encourage without triggering?
  • How do I communicate without my loved one becoming defensive?
  • How can I support myself and deal with my own emotions?
  • How can we start to heal from the effects of addiction?
meet the family team
Sean Duane |  LCSW, CCTSA, CCTSI

Sean Duane


Director Clinical Services

Olivia Kidney |  CAP, ICADC, ECP

Olivia Kidney


Family Wellness Counselor

More Answers

Only offer help that encourages accountability and a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Here are the 6 best ways:

  1. Get educated so you know what you’re up against —
  2. Attend support groups to get guidance and empathy
  3. Participate in family therapy to start to heal together
  4. Keep positive communication open that stresses recovery
  5. Take care of yourself and your own needs as an example of self-care
  6. Get advice from counselors, sponsors or other families dealing with addiction rather than trying to solve everything yourself

EXAMPLE: Don’t lend your car to your son so he doesn’t have to walk to a dangerous neighborhood to buy drugs. Instead, offer him a ride to a support meeting.

We do all we can to convince people to keep communication with their families open. The resistance is usually based on their own shame, embarrassment and lack of commitment. As they work through these emotions, they may be willing to let you in, even if it’s not on day one.

That said, they (and HIPPA regulations) dictate if and what the Family Wellness team can communicate to you. Our processes are solid, so if communication is lax, it’s not a reflection of laziness or disorganization. As frustrating as it is, your loved one controls the communication about their treatment (by law). But, we’ll never stop trying to convince them to open up.

The best way to encourage treatment is through a formal intervention, but this doesn’t look like what you see on TV. HopeTracker has an entire lesson on how to hold an effective intervention. You can also call or text Wellness at (888) 492-3658. If it looks like Ambrosia is a good fit for your loved one, our certified on-staff interventionist can hold your hand throughout the process for free.

Wellness will reach out via call, text or email several times per week while your loved one is here. We stay in touch long after they leave too. We have families from years ago that we still talk to weekly.

Plus, you can reach out any time. Our responses will be slower from 8PM-8AM, but we work off-the-clock to ensure families are taken care of. Even if it’s been months since we last talked, you always have someone to turn to if something comes up.

Treatment Timeline

The process starts today with a simple phone call and ends with a new lifestyle and permanent sobriety.

Go to Rehab
Heal as a Family
Live in Sobriety
4.9/5 Stars Leave a Review


Review Source
They took my brother in when he had nowhere else to go. They treated him with kindness, love and respect. All the staff at Ambrosia reached out to the family and checked in regularly. My brother had a wonderful therapist that got down to the core issues. Never in my life have I witnessed such a dramatic change. This place is more than a place to get clean and sober, it's life changing.
May 1
Katy K. Sister
Review Source
There’s so much I can say about the wonderful people and outstanding treatment! The best example is when our insurance would not cover the remainder of my son's stay, yet they did not release him before he was ready. I will be forever grateful for the care and compassion that changed our lives forever!
July 9
Terry H Mom
Review Source
Ambrosia stood behind me when I had to make hard decisions regarding my daughter, instead of allowing her to negotiate with me. They did not fall for her manipulation tactics like previous treatment facilities. They recognize that the past cannot be changed and focus on looking at the future. I could not imagine a more caring and professional organization.
October 30
Cheryl C Mom
Review Source
I was extremely worried about my husband. He was being irrational and not thinking clearly. I felt like he wasn't going to be accepting of treatment and instead would just go through the motions. But, his therapist and the staff stuck with it and I felt comfortable that I could relax and didn’t have to take on everything on my own.
November 29
Katie D Wife
Review Source
From the very first phone call to find out more about Ambrosia, until the day I picked my loved one up, this place was always sincere and genuine in their caring and had a real understanding of everything that was going on. The change in my son was obvious right away.
January 4
Marry L Mother
Review Source
Ambrosia changed my daughter's life. That's not an exaggeration. She had been to several other facilities, with little, short-lived success, but Ambrosia was the only one that kept her sober for over a year now. She's a whole new person!
April 29
Missy S Mom
Review Source
My son recently went through the program, and I wanted to express my gratitude for the help and support they gave him and our family. They helped us every step of the way and continued to support him through aftercare. The staff and program are fantastic! They are extremely dedicated to my son's recovery! We are so grateful that he is doing well.
Deb C Mom
Review Source
Ambrosia helped me too. I let go of anger, resentment and started trusting my husband again. I actually still text Wellness regularly. I learned the hard way that not all treatment centers are the same, and I know from experience that Ambrosia is the right choice.
August 12
Michelle F Wife
Review Source
When my son first entered Ambrosia, I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I've heard different places cut you off from your family and it scared me. But I had kept in contact with Ambrosia's Wellness team and my son's therapist in treatment. Not only was I able to hear my son's progression in recovery, but the team at Ambrosia kept me involved and included with all updates. I wouldn't have made it through the first few days without Ambrosia and neither would my son.
July 30
Quita L. Mother
Review Source
Ambrosia gave us hope that our daughter could be clean and sober! It is a professionally run and deeply supportive treatment facility that focuses on family. The caring staff helped open the lines of communication so the healing process can begin. Our loved ones were given the tools they need to succeed with sobriety.
August 18
Tracy A Mother
Review Source
Great Staff, lovely facility! The trauma track saved my daughters life. Thank you Ambrosia!
June 7
Nicole M Mom
Review Source
Our son attended Ambrosia back in June-July. The therapists at Ambrosia, especially his trauma therapist, gave him his life back.
August 7
Vanessa T Mom
Review Source
Ambrosia has given me my son back.
March 1
Denise B Mom
Review Source
I was grateful my niece called for help with her addiction. A trusted professional recommended Ambrosia Treatment Center. Within 24 hours she was met at the Florida airport by Ambrosia staff. As happy as I was that she was alive and asking for help, I was anxious for what would happen in rehab. They seemed to know exactly the type of counselor that could handle her and focus her on the work she needed to do in order to begin recovery. Ambrosia included my family in weekly conference calls with her and her counselor. As a family we were also given assignments to complete before we attended a weekend session with our niece, other families and the Ambrosia staff. Ambrosia’s program includes the family in the rehab process and we couldn’t be more grateful. Drug and alcohol addiction tears families apart. Ambrosia helped my niece to face the painful process to fight her addiction and helped us all to face the future together.
March 15
Maureen H. Aunt
Review Source
I've been the primary caregiver for my son for years. He has entered and exited treatment multiple times. I have been burned out for years. I realized I can’t make him start or stop. Getting involved with the support groups have changed my life. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. I don’t feel so alone in these feelings. I forgot how to take care of myself and accomplishing the smallest tasks for myself is a huge reward.
June 10
Georgia K. Mother
Review Source
When I began to use little tips on how to improve my life while my son was in active addiction, I became an example to him once he started to recover. The smallest self-care act like taking time for my own hobbies has brought balance and gratitude into my life. I’m no longer suffering; stressing out about my son has changed. I know I can’t control his actions, but I can control my own reactions.
July 27
Anita R. Mother
Review Source
From the first day I spoke with someone from Ambrosia Wellness, I felt a connection. I was completely trusting of every recommendation for my son's plans of practicing recovery and they were always there for me. Now, I finally have my son back, and I have my own life back!
February 7
Roseann M Mother
Review Source
My daughter was in Ambrosia. She is now 26 with 5 1/2 years clean. I felt like they truly cared about her and her recovery. There are some wonderful people who work for Ambrosia.
February 7
Debra E. Mother
Review Source
Our family credits the Wellness Program with our son’s individual success, and with our progress as a family. There was so much we did not understand. They helped him integrate into the sober community and provided much-needed guidance to our family. They explained the different stages of recovery and gave direction on how to assist him without enabling or undermining his efforts.
March 19
Mary & Kevin K. Parents
Review Source
You guys are God sent. The whole staff has been phenomenal keeping in contact with me. No treatment center has been able to help my son, but Ambrosia was able to give my son the help he needed.
January 22
Mrs. Harmon Mother

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Don’t let denial drag out the suffering. Addiction is serious. You can (and should) get help before it completely takes over your life.

I don’t know what treatment would be best.

Have you tried getting help before? If so, it’s time to follow the science. The most effective process involves detox, rehab and outpatient treatments.

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Even if you’re feeling powerless, there’s always hope! Donny, our dedicated ARISE interventionist, can talk to you today about your options. Following his advice, three of every four people come directly to treatment.

I'm not sure if you can help.

Feelings of doubt and helplessness are part of addiction, but you can find hope here. Our treatment is backed by research partnerships with two universities and hundreds of online reviews. From the Washington Post to CNN to Vice News, our expertise is trusted by the top news sources, as well as professional athletes.

The fact is — thousands of people across the country are living sober, productive lives after their time here. You deserve the same chance.

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