How to Detox Safely

Medical detox keeps you safe and comfortable as drugs and alcohol leave your system. It's nothing like doing it on your own. Medications and 24/7 attention keep withdrawal symptoms fully manageable.

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Who needs medical detox?

Not everyone needs medical detox. After you explain what’s going on, we’ll make a personal recommendation. With alcohol or benzo abuse (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, etc.), you’ll need medical detox because withdrawal symptoms can be deadly.

How long does medical detox last?

Typically lasting 3-10 days, the beginning is the most intense. You don’t have to have the drugs all the way out of your system to move on, but you need to feel good enough to focus on therapy.

Why can’t I be done after detox?

Medical detox is a first step, not treatment. While you’re physically free from drugs and alcohol, you’re still mentally addicted. The obsession needs to be addressed or the cycle will continue.

What is medical detox like?

Many people picture a hospital, but medical detox often looks more like a private bedroom. Nurses and therapists check-in regularly to ensure you feel as good as possible — including managing your medications, food, hydration and comfort.

If you had a bad experience detoxing on your own before, know that medical detox is not like that. The medications counteract any severe symptoms. You’re more likely to describe the worst part as a “fog.”

You’re also surrounded by people going through the same thing. As cliché as it sounds, realizing you’re not alone in the struggle and having someone to talk to makes a big difference.

You may have forgotten what it’s like to feel okay without using or drinking. Once you start to feel better physically, it’s much easier to imagine a life without addiction holding you back. With medical detox, you leave wanting to continue the process of treatment to stay sober for good.

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  • When I entered sobriety, my biggest fear was withdrawal. I had been using for 15 years. By some miracle, I ended up here where they gave me medication and I always had someone to talk to. Looking back, detox wasn’t bad at all. The real work began after.

    Sam T.
  • Lauren's Detox Story, Alumni Testimonials

    Detox for me was one big haze. The only symptom I remember clearly is restless legs. That was so much more annoying than it sounds. I constantly had to keep moving. But…I was expecting way, way worse considering how bad I felt when I’d go just a few hours without a hit. I wish I would have known how easy it would be before.  

    Lauren I.
  • Overall, I liked Ambrosia and what it did for me. It allowed me to look at the reasons behind my problem with addiction and address those issues. The staff is friendly and the therapists are top notch. Without this program, I would not have the hope that I have today. 

    Mathew H.
  • Ambrosia is not your average rehab. It helped me establish necessary life skills, enhance my understanding of the disease of addiction and the 12 Steps, and helped me to improve my thinking, actions, and my overall life. Great program. My experience was amazing.

    Alexandra M.
  • Ambrosia is a great treatment facility and focuses on core problems other than addiction.

    Thomas Z.
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable in the areas I needed help in. Kind and caring staff who takes their time to talk to you when needed.

    Bill S.
  • Louis Talks About Avoiding Relapse

    This is a much different type of rehab from what my experiences were in from up north. This was a perfect transition in treatment before going to my first halfway house. The groups were good. Outside and inside meetings were extremely beneficial. Small group was good. I loved the personalized treatment plan per client.

    Louis C.
  • Ambrosia helped me more than anywhere else ever has. The houses are so nice. I really enjoyed the leisure time I had. It made me realize there is a lot of fun to have while in recovery. My counselor was the best counselor ever. Groups were awesome. I didn’t hesitate to get involved in any of them. This is a really awesome place. Everyone was really nice and welcoming, right down to the techs.

    Heather R.
  • My experience at Ambrosia was great. I got a lot of insight into addiction. Also, what I need to stay away from in order to maintain abstinence. I learned to speak up more about how I feel. I learned that I must start the 12 steps when I leave in order to maintain abstinence and to be clean. I would definitely refer addicts to this treatment center. My stay was successful and helped a lot.

    Larissa W.
  • Ambrosia is the best treatment center I have ever been to. I learned a lot about my addiction and myself through my stay there. I was able to open up and talk about things I thought I would never be able to. Ambrosia saved my life.

    Shelby K.

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