New Addiction Treatment Facility Opening in Philadelphia to Help Battle the Opioid Epidemic

The number of people struggling with opioid addiction in Pennsylvania has long been higher than the national average. In fact, the state ranks third for drug overdose deaths, according to the CDC.

There simply aren’t enough treatment beds in the area to provide those with drug or alcohol addiction the support they need.

Ambrosia Treatment Center is looking to change that with its brand-new location in Philadelphia. The facility will help more than 1,500 people a year.

The clinical and medical programs in Philadelphia will be run by industry veteran and addiction studies adjunct professor Joe Curran MBA, CEAP, CACD.

“I’ve seen it all in my 42 years doing this,” Curran said. “The problem is only getting worse in the Northeast. Kids are becoming statistics and the statistics are tragic. As a treatment center, as a community and as human begins, we have to do everything we can to turn things around.”

While the location in Pennsylvania is new, the Ambrosia name has been around for more than 11 years.

In 2013, Joe Ashdale found himself flying from Philadelphia to Ambrosia’s original drug rehab in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Heroin turned the former student president of Gwynedd Mercy University into an addict that forged checks from the only family member that still spoke to him.

“Before Ambrosia, I had no purpose in life; no value. I was a useless son, brother, employee, and human being,” said Ashdale.

He is now nearly six years sober with a steady career, a wife, a daughter, and another baby on the way.

“It’s hard enough fighting the addiction. No one should have to fight to get treatment too,” he said.

Ambrosia’s Philadelphia facility is a huge step in the right direction!

The new center is located at 2301 E Allegheny Ave in Philadelphia, PA 19134. For help or other inquiries, call (888) 492-5288.

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